12 January 2016

One World - Many Paths

2 Shevat 5776

This is how they intend to sell the new one-world religion. Indeed they worship the Satan whose original lie they have bought - hook, line and sinker:

"God wants to keep you in the dark. He doesn't want the competition. He told you not to eat from the tree because He knows that on the day you eat of it, your eyes will be opened and you will become like Him - knowing both good and evil. I'm here to free humanity to attain its own godhood."

Today, the Elites imagine that they have 'outgrown' the "out-moded, war-mongering" God of the past, c"v. They think they are ready to "ascend" to their own godhood. Consequently, they are in a raging rebellion against the Most High.

All of this is being led by the head of the NWO himself - the Pope - who has made a special video to promote the one-world religion which does not ask anyone to give up anything, but to embrace all...


  1. right (it's almost over, my dear, not to worry ... )

  2. One speak about Jesus another about Buddha and one about Allah only the Jew speaks about God!!! Interesting.
    Shlomo B A B

  3. They're pushing their goal faster and faster. Hopefully, it means our righteous Moshiach will arrive faster. The world is spinning out of control.