12 January 2016

"Eretz Yisrael - Noah's Ark"

2 Shevat 5776


Communication with Binyamin, Jerusalem
18 Tevet 5776, 30/12/2015

Eretz Yisrael - Noah's Ark

The world is really filthy. The whole world - except for some corner here or there - has turned into Sodom and Amorrah. It's turned into the Generation of the Flood, into the Generation of the Tower of Bavel, into... I have no words, I simply have no words - the important person is whoever can be the most crooked, whoever can most go against the Torah, against what HKB"H says is the behavior of a human being, of a gentile even, not a Jew - those of a gentile at least, but even this - no. Everything is crooked.

And not only the gentiles are crooked, there are to our great sorrow many crooked Jews. And this makes big embarrassments for us, because they join up with the group of gentile crooks. And that's worse for us, because they stand in front. The evildoer gentiles - they're much greater in number than the Jews, but they put the Jews 'forward', in prominent positions, and the Jews think that it's a 'great honor' to be used in a position as head of a bank or head-of-it-doesn't-matter-what, they put them in very senior positions, so they feel 'important', 'Moishe Grois', the most immportant, but they go down to the bottom, really the bottom, and underneath the bottom.

The world already can't exist, it can't exist. It's exactly like the time before the Flood, exactly like before the Flood. It has no reason for existence, and Hashem will demolish the world, will destroy it, not everything, but the majority. And most of the people, the great majority, will disappear. It'll be finished. Hashem won't allow it to continue. And those who remain - they'll be those who overcame the yetzer hara, the real souls of the Jews. True, alone they can't do it, of course not, only with the help of HKB"H, because He will help them, because they are real souls, Jewish souls which are basically pure, but most of the Jews are Erev-Rav or Amalek, they're not pure, therefore they will disappear. And among the innocent gentiles, those who believe there is a Creator of the world, even if they believe in oto ha'ish (JC) may his name and memory be blotted out, it doesn't matter, they'll abandon it when they will see who is really the Mashiach.

And I say to you: there's going to be a huge disaster. A huge disaster, really. Hashem - He's the only one Who can destroy the world that He Himself created. It will be a huge disaster, and this disaster will destroy two-thirds of the world. And it will leave Eretz-Yisrael complete, but without evildoers, only with real Jews. A lot of the not-real Jews were indeed born Jewish and have a brit-milah to prove it, but their souls are not Jewish. They went out from Egypt, the Erev-Rav, and not more than this. They never accepted the yoke-of-Heaven, and it passed from generation to generation, from generation to generation.

And now I am very riled up, I'm disgusted from the way of life of everyone. Really disgusted. My Abba knows what's going on in the world, and I hear it, and it's possible, it's possible really to throw up, really to throw up, there's no reason-for-existence for the world now, only for those few who are really trying, and who really have Jewish souls. I can only tell you that there's nothing you can do. Each one, each Jew, needs to prepare for the last test, and this test - it's total trust, complete trust in Hashem. There is 'emunah' (faith) and there is 'bitachon' (trust). We need to believe 100%, 200% in HKB"H, but emunah is still easier than bitachon. So here is the last test: bitachon, trust, in Hashem, because what will happen around us, it will be very frightening! Very, very frightening! And we must not fear, don't be afraid. We have to go into our homes, to take out the Tehillim or the Siddur or simply to speak with HKB"H from within the heart, and not to fear, not to fear. Hashem will do only what's good for the creation, and we, His sons, His sons and daughters, and we, He loves us, and He won't abandon us. We're His.

Now you want to know how it will happen... I don't know exactly, but from all the possibilities I've heard, the matter of the star - it seems to me the most real.

The evildoers are scared, they're afraid someone will catch on to what they're doing, very afraid. They've built bunkers - not for no reason, bunkers which can take a huge 'wallop' on it - without being moved. And therefore, I'm almost sure that this is their concern, they're preparing right now for this event. But, in addition to this, the evildoers already removed short movies on the internet which recount how it's not at all correct this whole matter of the star (Comet - Planet X), and also removed another such movie which recounts how the government is concerned for us, that maybe in truth the government is not the best for us, but they are making the preparations for the Fema camps for the good of the people!... And why? Because they expected such a thing already many years ago... It's interesting that they have such good vision from afar...  So, at least when it will be like this catastrophic situation, and people won't have a job, won't have a source of income, then at least this way they can take all their children there, and the wife, to these places... and maybe to eat some rice and peas... and it's so good... so, why turn it into "something not good", why?!...

But, today it's clear that they have guillotines there and each of these things is designed to hold them inside like slaves and not let them get out. Surely, some of them will go, will disappear, this is the plan. They're taking this place for not-good things, and it's clear. But, I feel that they are so sure of themselves, they don't believe in Hashem, they believe in Lucifer, in the Satan, may his name and memory be blotted out, therefore they are certain that they will get through all the 'wallop' and the whole awesome event of the passing of the star beside our planet, that they will get through it whole, without a blemish. What annoys them is just that they're very worried that someone will disturb them from entering into their bunkers, because if the population would understand that they're taking here specific people, chosen to go into the bunker to survive, while they remain outside - then they'll have riots, not for no reason, and a group like this of people who are fighting for their lives - it's not for no reason! They have special strength. So, therefore, they are trying to set the date secretly. What are they doing? They leaked false dates (disinformation), in order that people will stop believing and referring to it. A few years ago (2012) they leaked some date and it passed quietly. So, people thought 'fine, they made a mistake...', but, when it happened another time - so people stopped investigating. They said, 'look, what, it's pointless... it's not correct!' But, currently, it's visible to the eyes and in another month you'll see it even bigger, without much effort, and it will really be scary. Very scary. Very, very scary.

But - don't be afraid, don't be afraid! Don't forget, the world can't exist as it is, it simply pains the heart to see the wars of the Jews, first of all here in Israel. And also, all over the world, among the chareidim, there's simply a fall, like this descent in holiness that's impossible to describe, among chareidi people, not all, baruch Hashem. And they think that 'it's cute... it's nice...it's permitted... and it's, what... it's just people, people have desires, what can you do?...', that's it. Everything will be lighthearted. Each thing, each limitation, there's a possibility to bypass it.

And in Israel the chareidim are busy with arguments. Arguments which are horrible. They've allowed a group-of-youngsters to feel that they can 'leshem shamayim' become zealots. To take righteous people, a righteous elderly person, and just because he speaks against something that everyone needs to be against it, they're taking him, and removing him by force from his beit midrash, and afterwards beating his people.

Are these Jews?! It's Jews?!!! This is Jews?... Yes! Everybody has to be against going to the army! Not because they're 'cowards', but because it's forbidden to be in an army that belongs to evildoers, that belongs to disgusting people where everything is allowed, and there's not holiness at all, a place where you have to be fearful of the guys and also the girls. It's impossible to send a bachur there! He'll return without holiness, Hashem protect us. They're going to the army - the seculars, and are returning... Hashem protect us, but we mustn't under absolutely no circumstances let our boys to go there to be damaged! No! It's forbidden for us, forbidden for us!

And worst of all - this is taking a righteous Jew by force outside his beit midrash in contempt. What chutzpah! How can it exist here?!... These guys, don't they have any sense?! Even if they told them to do it - don't they have any sense?! They're zealots - and not more than this. They should go into the army! Because they're zealots! They can fight very well against the Arabs... Because it's the same type...animals! I ask you, how is it possible! Can Hashem let this go on?! And I'm not talking about the immorality, about the adultery, about all kinds of things like these, that also the chareidi Jews are suffering from, and also we're speaking harder.

It's impossible to continue with it. Hashem will demolish This-World, and leave over Eretz-Yisrael, and a bit more, that is to say whatever once was Eretz Yisrael, all the area that was once thought of as Eretz-Yisrael, and also across the Jordan. And the state - it already won't exist after this, because all the 'so-called gedolim' of the state, they'll run from here, they'll run in just a bit, and they'll go to be in chutz la'aretz with all the gentiles, they'll go where they're going, but they won't bother us anymore, and Hashem will help us. And then Mashiach can reveal himself, and I hope that even before this he will already give us strength.

I don't know at which stage he will be revealed, but what's for certain is that we will go into our homes, we will sit, as I said, to say Tehillim and etc., and he, the Mashiach, alone, with HKB"H - clearly, he will fight the war of Gog-uMagog, because when the evildoers exit their bunkers, they will see how Am-Yisrael remains in Eretz-Yisrael 'without a scratch', this will drive them crazy to no end. And they will run, will run with all their equipment, they will arrive from the sea, will arrive with all their equipment, with blood in their eyes, with gaping mouth, salivating, with the goal of biting us, and killing us, and finishing us, with very great zealousness, burning zealousness. But they will come - and they will die, they won't enter, they won't enter Eretz-Yisrael, they'll die at the borders. It will take seven years to finish them, including Gog.

I have nothing more to say. We don't know what's waiting before us, but Hashem gave us a body and a mind, and we're taking the mind with the body - and doing crooked things, disgusting things with it, and they think that 'it's good', they say 'it's the norm'! That it's, God forbid, forbidden to say: 'No! It's forbidden to do this!' And to give birth to children in the regular way? - it's already not good. To get married? Of course, it's not good, you have to marry in 'different forms', you have to do it 'more interesting'. Why? 'Unfortunates... They were born that way...', they weren't born that way! They are evil and crooked. They're lacking souls, everything is black 'inside'. They can't do teshuvah, because they - they don't have the desire, they weren't even born with the will to do teshuvah, and they have to disappear. HKB"H created the world. The world and everything around it belongs only to Him, He decides what-yes and what-no and not a small,... and stupid,... and ugly human being. 

The End.


  1. Do people these days hear cases of supernatural murders and cases of raping women (most especially Caucasian women) in Europe and america? It is just too unbelievebly low. We have reached level negative without-end. Enough is enough already. This is a dead world. We need to pray for moshiach to come within literally these times because the world has no value already; no law and order, no limits, no boundaries, And no urge to live anymore.

    1. What about gene-editing on fetuses in the next few weeks and human-animal chimeras being created in labs currently, not to mention plans for humans to become part machine and for robots to take over human activity? The world created by humanity isn't worth living in.

  2. Wow, powerful. There is no choice other to have total emunah and bitachon! Praying the Geulah comes with great rachamim on kol Bnai Yisrael.


  3. Wow! Exciting and terrifying! During those seven years, will the Jews have a "normal" Jewish life, whatever that means? Or will we be living in difficult conditions? Thank you again for your translation, Devash!

    1. We won't know any details til the time comes.

  4. Hang on Jack. It's not for nothing H" picked us for this generation. Our neshamas were in the midbar. We were promised to return for this geula too. Live the text of these next few parshas of geula it will revive us to do it all again together as we did then.

  5. For those with questions, I am not qualified to answer. I am sorry.

  6. What was the story he was referring to with taking the Jew outside from his beit midrash by force? Is this a separate episode from the Shabbak fiasco?

    1. I have no idea what he is referring to. Your guess is as good as mine.

    2. I have no idea what he is referring to. Your guess is as good as mine.

  7. Noah's Flood was by water. Mashiach's Flood will be by ... fire? Israel is Noah's Ark in the coming Flood. That is, the God of Israel spiritually and the Land of Israel physically.