28 January 2016

"Just Don't Be Afraid"

18 Shevat 5776

How many times have we read that phrase in the facilitated communication messages? And it takes on even more meaning when you look at what is taking place in the media. The public is being fed a steady diet of fear. 

Who has forgotten the "Bird Flu"? How long has it been since the Ebola scare? And now it's the Zika virus. The hype is so crazy that El Salvador advised its citizens not to consider pregnancy until 2018!

We could make a long list of public "scares", but the most recent one is that something will happen at the 50th superbowl. Just a couple of weeks ago, it was the Golden Globes Awards. And yet, for all the warnings, how many terrorist attacks have actually been carried out on US soil even with wide-open borders? 

In Israel, where terrorist attacks abound, the government tells its citizens there is no solution. They must just learn to live with the risks of shopping and refueling their vehicles.

In today's world, not even the sky over our heads or the ground under our feet is dependable. Our food and water is suspect. There seems to be no way out - no place is safe.

Fear can be paralyzing and incapacitating or it can be a catalyst for change. "Fear" is operating in the world on two levels. The global elite are using it as a means of making people feel helpless to protect themselves so that they will turn to them and trade their liberty for security, thereby enslaving themselves.

On the other hand, Hashem is using it to drive those who will turn to Him, trust Him and seek His protection to do teshuvah and draw ever closer to Him. And this is why the fc messages continue to admonish us "not to be afraid". We must find that place where fear can no longer reach us - huddled in our Father's arms.

An incredible cloud formation which appeared over the skies of Portugal has been dubbed the 'hand of God'. 

The cloud took the form of a fist from Heaven with a hand holding a fireball as it dominated the skyline across the island of Madeira on Monday.


  1. Exactly! We can feel the spiritual battle between the evil forces and H'. It's all about the control. We must put our total emunah in H'.