31 January 2016

Binyamin: "When We Will Begin to See the Star"

22 Shevat 5776


Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 10 Shevat 5776

When We Will Begin to See the Star
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I'm very happy that people have already decided to write and tell about this subject of these great evildoers, 'the New World Order', 'the Freemasons', or 'the Catholics', or whatever you want to call them, and also about the matter of the star called 'Nibiru' or 'Planet-X' or the comet, there are more names, there are many names for this star, also people who were in this world many years ago, almost four thousand years ago, wrote about this star, and about the damage and destruction it makes for the world, but I'm happy that we are currently beginning to speak about it. And when we look at this subject and what could be, the damage that could be in our world, to our planet, then it's most frightening, but all the real-Jews who've been waiting so long for the complete redemption, we're happy despite all the suffering and despite all the talk about waves that will be six hundred meters high, there are those who say one hundred meters, but no one knows exactly, but something enormous... only when we think about it - it's enough to scare us very, very much.

No matter, because all in all the Jews as well as the gentiles are sleeping very soundly, and nothing at all moves them. And I already said many times that not until they feel it in their pockets will they wake up at all... So, here's the beginning of 2016 and really all the stock markets are going down! And everyone is very scared, and every day more scared, but for some reason there is quite a calm on the street, even it doesn't scare them yet, maybe because they already received their December salary and are expecting also that they will receive their January salaries... but, even though their lives already are not easy, everything is falling, and it's difficult to collect funds, but it's still not to the point that they are worried about how they will pay the rent or how they will buy food, indeed there are already poor people who are in this situation, but the majority - still somehow it becomes possible for them to get through this thing, with G-d's help. But, to move themselves, to get up, to get together and pray to Hashem, and ask forgiveness from HKB"H for all our sins...? - instead we continue with our chesed-parties... that they of course must have a new dress for the event, and a little make-up, and a nicely arranged wig, and all sorts of things, and to bring all kinds of types of tasty foods and etc... that's outside of Israel. And here in Israel - we're continuing with the shopping. True, there's not much money, but there's enough to buy here a bit and there a bit, to feel that they made their daily trip and returned home with some little something... so therefore, even the threat on the money isn't working... I simply feel that perhaps they put some drug into the water or into the food, something that can just really turn them into 'zombies', automatons... 

Q. Actually, it's known that they put 'things' in the water...

Correct, we know that they are putting fluoride in the water, and we know that it's the same material the Nazis, y"sh, put in the water in the concentration camps in order to 'calm' the Jews. But, we're anyway continuing to use it, and to say that the water's very tasty...  and to use all the toothpastes that contain it, and don't pay attention to it, and also don't pay so much attention to the warning on children's toothpastes not to let the children swallow it! Because it's dangerous, but it's written in large letters: flouride... but we're really in a world of drunkards, and druggies, who already don't interest us at all, just the i-phone, to see movies, to forget the world around us, and not to think about anything that is unpleasant for us. Everything must be pleasant, everything must be easy and good.

And there are a lot of divorces today, because a person doesn't have the patience to manage with another person, they don't have the will to accept upon themselves the yoke of another child and another child and another child, and this is a problem. If it's gentiles - good, it was always this way, but the Jews! The Jews! What's with the Jews?... What will be with the chareidi Jews?... That's what breaks my heart. Modesty has gone down in a terrible way. Beit-Ya'aqov isn't a house of Ya'aqov, it's a house of corruption, and they're doing it with a hechsher. With the seal of the rabbis damaging our next generation. They're turning the girls into career-women each one with her profession that she will want to advance in, which is as if it's 'leshem Shamayim' - 'for the sake of Heaven' - because she supports her kollel-husband who learns, indeed if she needs to go to work and the child is sick at home, then he is the one who must remain at home and not go to kollel... and in general he must go to take care of all kinds of things, and if not - then what will be?... He can't learn! He requires a working woman who earns wonderfully. All is lost. Everything is lost, the family, Jewish values, our Jewish religion, and everything is sparkling diamonds, immorality, parties and..., and..., and..., and..., but now one day will come that they will take hold of the head and will begin to see something new in the sky. And when they will see it - so that means it will take only a few weeks until it will actually get to us, and when they will see it - we will have exactly enough time to do real teshuvah, and perhaps to collect a bit of food in order that we will get through at least the first part of this with more-or-less a full stomach, and to bring enough water, and to go into our houses, because we don't have bunkers, that's just for the 'Elite', for the 'New World Order' people, they're already sitting inside their bunkers, and we will need to sit in houses, and wait patiently until it will arrive.

And when it does arrive - it will be most frightening. And the most secure place in the world - will be Jerusalem. The place about which we have the promise from the prophet Yoel that Hashem will save every Jew who is in Eretz Yisrael and who cries out to HKB"H and asks Him to save him. So every Jew here in Israel who accepts the yoke-of-the-Kingdom-of-Heaven and asks HKB"H to save him - he will be saved.

But, what about outside of Israel? Woe, Jews, Jews, there are a lot of you who can get here, full-full-full. Where are you? You're not normal! A normal person would get up, and run, and flee, but you sit and sit and don't care about anything, as if nothing is happening!...Deception!! Get up! Jews, get up! There are enough people among you who have enough money to move, and also there are a lot of you who in general have apartments here, empty apartments waiting for the vacations you take here, so come here now! The time has come! Don't wait until there will be a situation when there will be no planes flying!

And there will be. The evildoers will begin to talk about this star only at the moment that they are inside the bunkers, and so you won't be able to get in! And then there will be terrible riots all over the world, because suddenly they will understand, all the population of the world, that these wicked ones 'set them up'. And HKB"H will kill all the population who wanted to be rid of them, they will allow for HKB"H with the help of the star to finish off most of the world population. And they, the inhabitants of the world will comprehend that they are those who will die, and then - the people will go crazy. The people of the world will go crazy, and then it will be murder, from every direction it will be murder. And there will be enough soldiers in the street to take care of all those who 'go against'. And the soldiers, too, it's their end - for most, but also they don't grasp it, but the moment that the soldiers also will comprehend it, then they also will go crazy... and they also will begin to murder randomly in order to get food.

And we will get a safe place, a place that's not located beside water, and not beside a sea-shore, and not beside any body of water, but it's not enough to help them, because when the meteors and asteroids start coming down, then it will be who-knows-what, no one knows where it will fall and what it will do. And it will be exactly like the hail in Egypt, because it's very cold in space, and it will pass through by way of this warm part that guards the warmth of the planet, the atmosphere, and there it will heat up, so it's hot-and-cold together, and then it can fall upon... There are some that are big enough to wipe out entire cities if they fall on them! And it will create fires, etc, etc. And it will happen all over the world, it will be a problem for the whole world! So, not the soldiers who will comprehend that they are the fools who were left outside to take care of the world population - those who survive and not the population of the world, the gentiles, those who survive. Yes, there will be those who will survive, real-Jews who will survive outside of Israel, but they will go through 'gehinom'... So, Jews, why suffer through it? Why suffer this?! Even if only between the weeks between Purim until after the holiday of Passover you will be in Israel, what do you care?!... Come to Israel, what do you care, you will be here, if by chance everything I'm saying comes true.

I'm begging you, Am Yisrael, the time has come to stop praying to the golden calf, the time has come to stop wanting so much materialism, the time has come to stop remodeling the house all year, and the time has come to stop buying for the children six outfits for each day and another two or three outfits for each Shabbat. It's enough one pair of shoes for day-to-day and since there's a bit more money so it's possible another one pair for Shabbat. Enough, enough the magnificent weddings and all the unnecessary things, it's not what Hashem wants. Yes, we need to exalt our table, etc, but not at the price of the 'soul' of the thing.

So, I'm warning you: there's going to be a huge disaster in this world. And if it won't be the star - then it will be world war three, and if not world war three - it will be something else. But, now, in the nearest future, the world, most of the world, two-thirds of the world - will be destroyed, and one third will remain. There's enough in our sources discussions suitable for these things.  And Eretz Yisrael will remain, won't feel anything. We'll know what's happening, and that in itself will be hard enough. But, there will be people in Israel who won't live, because they didn't ask HKB"H to save them. But, the real-Jews, all the real-Jews will be saved, whether they're outside of Israel or in Israel, but those who are outside of Israel will suffer very, very much. Very, very much. In Israel, we will suffer much less, and Eretz Yisrael will be like the ark that floated on the surface of the water, and we, with God's help, will be inside it, within the ark.


  1. I brush my teeth and my son's teeth with baking soda with lemon juice squeezed on top. clean clean. I stopped using the fluoride toothpaste a few months ago.

    1. I believe that being tofeit ha-ikar and mei-neeach ha-tafel is in order here. I sometimes ponder which is worse - my extremely painful physical conditions - or the unmentionable that's mentioned above.

  2. What is your problem with baking soda?

  3. Devash, could you please reference or print again the ancient Jewish sources that mention such a catastrophe or star or whatever they say that will eclipse the earth. Thanks.

  4. Its so easy to generalize - please don't lump all Americans with one brushstroke! I probably knew about the above before Binyomin or Moishele were born. After all, David Icke authored the Illuminati long ago, and later I used to hear plenty on Coast2Coast. I probably spent more effort trying to move to a normal situation in Israel than most people who are now living there in cushy circumstances. It was always health and mazel that impeded me. Furthermore, just look up Sjogrens, and look up Maskin Probing and then think twice before broadly making brash statements about "fantasyland". I'm not "all Americans". I'm an individual with major bad mazel. And there may be others like me too. So many of my teachers also over-generalized, instead of considering the yotz'im min haklal amid the students. I used to live in an environment influenced by types like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTyItwistE4 and now this very same area is influenced by these types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Em-e6w4e1v0 So I'm a perpetual Choni Hamiagel.

    Now back to the above topic, whether true or not, I certainly wouldn't call it a "unique nevuah" or "chiddush", because everything he's saying has been spoken about for years on alternative and late-nite media. For example, take yowusa.com by Marshall Masters, who's been speaking of Planet-X for many years.