03 January 2016

Whose Reality?

23 Tevet 5776

There are two opposing groups of people in the world and each group thinks its reality is the real one and that the other is delusional. There is the group that believes in God and in His Torah and His Prophets and then there are the rest - like those who write in the Jerusalem Post in astonishment at the very idea anyone could actually think this progressive pluralistic democracy will give way some day to a Torah State with a King, a Sanhedrin and a rebuilt Beit Hamikdash. They comfort themselves that it can only be a handful of "crazies" who think this way, but if they only knew the real scope of their problem, I'm not sure what they'd try to do about it. Maybe pack their bags? That's what they'll end up doing in the end anyway, because it's all inevitable, whether they want to believe it or not.

These poor deluded souls remind me of Paro from this week's parshah. He foresaw the problem that Am Yisrael would pose to his rule over time and although he would spare nothing to prevent the downfall of Egypt and the redemption of the Jewish People, he was fighting a losing battle from the start. The global, godless-secular, security state will go the same way as all the mighty world empires before it and it will be only the Torah reality that remains at the end and those who desire it.


  1. Amen!!! The arrogant are stupid and in the end always fall! Their hatred for Jews, Torah and the One who created them and everything blinds them and clouds their thinking and reality becomes to them fiction but their fantasies become their reality. This is the way of the wicked/evil. They and their followers (the media and all their promoters) will rue the day when the Great and Awesome Day of Hashem's Judgment will come and only then will they realize their folly.

  2. B"H It is becoming clearer, the separation is taking place, the division of Torah True Jews vs the Erev Rav. Good to hear from you again.

  3. Devash, I'm glad you're back, too. May we all have a healthy winter. - Chava

  4. When I made aliyah, I was a poor deluded soul. But good Jews who believed in God and in His Torah helped me to reveal the divine truth.Let's now think how we can help those on the other side. Efrat