05 January 2016

No Greater Hypocrisy

24 Tevet 5776

I've never known a greater bunch of hypocrites than professing Xians. Here is just one example. For months, the evangelical Xians in America have ranted and railed about a Xian baker who was being sued by a Lesbian couple for refusing to make them a wedding cake, citing religious objections. Now, they are doing the exact same thing to a Jewish-owned wedding hall in Jerusalem who is refusing to host a "Jewish"- Xian wedding on religious grounds. Of course, they won't see that one is just as abominable as the other to Jews. 

Their hypocrisy, however, does not go unnoticed and it is certainly not limited to incidents such as these. Like every other injustice, it will be called to account. They see themselves as the persecuted and utterly blameless, but then if they weren't blind to the truth, they wouldn't be Xians anyway.