01 February 2016

Binyamin: "When We Will Begin to See the Star": Q and A

22 Shevat 5776

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Communication with Binyamin
Jerusalem, 10 Shevat 5776

When We Will Begin to See the Star: Q and A (excerpts)

Q. According to the expectation, will it be between Purim and Pesach?

I still feel that it's around Pesach, but I can't know exactly, Hashem didn't inform us exactly, but I have a feeling that it's Pesach, it's so appropriate for leil haseder, exactly. That's what I feel. But, it doesn't matter when it will be - it will be. I believe that it can't go past this year, the Hebrew year.

Q. Is it already possible to see the star?

A. It's possible to photograph inside the sun at certain hours, without looking at it of course, and to see the shadow of the star, because now it's located around the sun. It depends on which side and which hour.

Q. There was someone who said we would begin to see it on February 15...

A. At the moment we begin to see it - that's it, already there isn't what to ask.

Q. So, already they will begin to arrive here - all the Jews from America? How can we wake them up to come already now to Eretz Yisrael?...

A. I don't know, how will they see it? Indeed, they will need to look [for it] especially, but they will be 'busy', busy with that which will not allow them to get out and with that which they will not be able to take out from the bank cash money, and they will want them to put like these chips inside their hand to identify [themselves]. They will be busy with all kinds of nonsense, make them give vaccines, etc. They will already be busy. And we just make efforts, and when it will begin - Hashem will not leave us. What will happen is that then they will begin to wake up, b'ezrat Hashem. We're doing ours, and Hashem will have mercy on Am Yisrael, b'ezrat Hashem.