03 October 2015

The "Status Quo" Is Dead

21 Tishrei 5776
Hoshanah Rabbah

"Stop spreading lies about Israel’s alleged intentions on the Temple Mount. Israel is fully committed to maintaining the status quo there." (PM Netanyahu's Speech to the UN General Assembly 2015)

[Keep checking back for updates - the violence continues unabated]

I have a feeling this is only going to get worse until it provides enough of an excuse to allow a "peacekeeping force" to enter the Old City to "put a stop to the violence". The headlines speak for themselves. In addition to the murders of the Henkins on Thursday night...
  • Shots fired at woman and daughter near Maale Adumim
  • Shots fired at a sukkah in Nof Tzion, in the eastern capital
  • 16 yr-old girl shot in sukkah in Binyamin
  • 5 yr-old boy shot in sukkah in Lod
  • 2 Terrorists attack five Jews (three from one family including a child) in the Old City on Motzaei Shabbat
  • Fatah has taken responsibility for the Henkins' murders, calling for a "war against the settlers"
  • Hamas is calling for an uprising to "defend Al Aqsa"

(9:40pm): Two men in the earlier attack in the Old City are nifter, BD"E.

The security cabinet has been convened in Jerusalem. Debka reports "Police have imposed a curfew on the Old City of Jerusalem and shut all the gates to Temple Mount."

(9:45pm): Shots fired into Beit El

An Arab was mistaken for a Jew and stabbed at the entrance to Kiryat Arba

Rocket fired last night, fell in Gaza; rocket fired tonight, also fell in Gaza

(10:20pm): Reports of a spontaneous demonstration in light of the deteriorating security situation on Ben Yehudah Street in Jerusalem

Lod residents protesting and reading Psalms in front of police station motza"sh

Pressure grows on Netanyahu to act with 'iron first' in light of Palestinian terror onslaught

(11:00pm): Rav Amram Vaknin's facebook page is claiming that this is the fulfillment of the Rav's Elul message. It could have begun on Rosh Hashanah itself with the first death on the road in Jerusalem.

(11:35pm): Old City Victims Identified...
Rabbi Aharon Benita-Benet (24) [of Beitar Ilit]
Rabbi Nechemiah Lavi (41) - a Rabbi at Ateret Cohanim and Talmud Torah Moriah in the Old City. [Father of 7 according to Times of Israel]

Rabbi Aharon Benita-Benet's wife and baby were injured. A second daughter was unharmed.

Rabbi Lavi just completed the IDF Rabbinate course 2 months ago. (Source: Muqata)

(11:45pm): Report of "revenge brawl" between Arabs and Jews at Mamilla Mall. Pedestrian was hit near Kikar Tzahal by Arab in a car trying to flee the mob. 

Arabs and police are clashing at Sha'ar Shechem

Lite rail attacked in Shuafat [but that's adaily occurrence anyway]

Protest march taking place from Kedumim towards Shechem

(12:00 midnight): A more detailed account of ongoing events can be seen here at YWN.

It's a bit late now, but "Rabbi Yitzchak Yosef Shlita and Kosel Rav Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz Shlita have called for an atzeres tefilla at the Kosel tonight at 23:30, ...to be mispallel due to the worrisome situation for the speedy and total recovery of the victims."

(12:10am): Hevron - Ambulance stoned by Arabs; Arab professor's car attacked by Jews; Arab arrested after trying to stab soldier

Maale Adumim - police shoot terrorist about to throw fire bomb

Police issue "Terror Alert" for planned stabbing attack tomorrow am in Jerusalem

(12:30am): Israeli forces storm Al-Aqsa Mosque after deadly stabbing

(12:40am): The Israel Link is reporting "violence spiraling out of control".

The Muqata is reporting what sounds like a major military operation near Ramallah.

(1:15am): Violent clashes in Issawiya (between Jerusalem and Maale Adumim); there's a picture of burning vehicles

Gunfire towards IDF is being reported in Wadi Joz (near Mount Scopus)

Riots in Ramallah; Standoff between IDF and PLO forces at entrance 

An hour ago, Jews marched to Sha'ar Shechem demanding revenge

During the mix-up in Mamilla, some Jewish cafe patrons reportedly pepper-sprayed Arab workers there

(1:25am): Hevron - "hundreds of Jews on the way" to Me'arat HaMachpelah

Ramallah - Arabs reporting "IDF staging tanks" on the outskirts as PLO forces prevent the demolition of terrorist's home

(1:48M) Signing off for now


  1. We need to totally start a prayer thread. Only prayers. We can't continue like this.

  2. Furious Lod residents protest after 5-year-old shot in sukkah, suffers skull fracture; 16-year-old girl shot in leg in Binyamin.

    There are more. They are at war with us, using guns, knives, firebombs .... What in the world does it take to lockdown all the Arab towns! This is insanity. That the army will Shoot to kill should be on a loudspeaker blasting every Arab area. We need to go on the offensive. How many mothers and fathers need to be taken from their children.

    The Rabbi Henkin that was murdered was the great grandson of the famous Rabbi Henkin, and the son of Rabbanit Henkin and Her husband also Rabbi Henkin, from the Torah College for women here in Jerusalem.

    1. Notice how they're targeting the religious - rabbis are being killed - on the road, in the streets, in the synagoggues.

    2. Rabbi Amram Vaknin's fb page says this is the beginning of the fulfillment of his message from Eliyahu HaNavi about people being "slaughtered in the streets like chickens".

    3. Well, there's an uprising and it looks like the Jews have had just enough.

  3. This crazy event might end 'or not'. Whichever way, moshiach is very close. The russians want to take over syria to get closer to israel, there is immigration crsis everywhere, there is soo much filth and malice all over the world now, there is soo much suffering and immorality, the villains want to rule according to the terms of their curves etc....... enough is enough.
    Could this be the year where moshiach will be announced? These crazies and villains everywhere have gone too far already and the world cannot continue like this anymore. Even hitler dam him would have had a heart attack if he saw this (If I was him, I would die).
    We have to stop all the fighting and hatred amongst each other, unite and repent soo hard that we will collapse and that will end this. Our sins invigorate them and we must stop this.

  4. I made the mistake of watching the video of the event of the stabbing. It's going viral. Hashem YISHMOR. There is an uprising now all over the country.

    1. Unfortunately we are damned if we do and damned if we don't. It plays right into the evildoers plan, but we can't not respond. And anyway, the status quo was never good for us. It's just "kicking the can down the road". There has to be this confrontation if the situation is ever to improve.

  5. Rabbi Nechemia Lavie HY"D is one of the niftarim from the stabbing in Jerusalem. He heard the baby's mother screaming, went down to help her and he himself was stabbed along with the baby's father - his named is still yet unknown.

  6. Kol hakavod to the Jews of Lod, that after "only" one terror incident, they immediately took to the streets to say Tehillim. These are the real Jews, not the ones who just blab.
    Thanks for the updates, Devash.
    I'm taking an example from my brothers and sisters in Lod and going to daven now....

  7. 11:01. Security sources reveal group of terrorists behind Henkin murder arrested, likely including those who actually pulled the trigger Henkin murderers arrested

  8. Report of settler attack on Palestinian boy fabricated

    "...According to the IDF, the family invented the story of an Israeli attacker to protect their older son and additionally to get a paycheck from the Palestinian Authority as victims of terror at the hands of Jewish settlers."

    - a voice in the wilderness

  9. Terrible events but is there anything new about it? This IS the status quo. We have been going through this for 2,000 years. I don't know that it means Moshiach is coming. Maybe his is. Maybe he isn't.

  10. Just a little FYI:
    According to my sources, the pepper spray wasn't a mix-up. (And it wasn't necessarily done by patrons.) Some of the Arabs working in the kitchens in Mamilla throw rocks and Molotov cocktails and soldiers in their free time, and those are the ones who were beaten up and sprayed. No, their Jewish attackers can't know which Arabs are innocent and which aren't, but Hashem knows.
    In contrast, a halachically Jewish waiter at that same restaurant who grew up as a Christian Arab (because his Jewish mother married a Christian Arab and went to live in that community) didn't get hurt at all because the demonstrators entered from the kitchen to where the Arab workers were and not via the front entrance.

    Obviously, I cannot say why other precious Jews were murdered or wounded, but I do see that it could have been worse and that Hashem is definitely not hiding His Face from us.

    Thanks, Devash.

    1. Sorry, Dassie. I don't know if I'm showing my age or the part of the US I grew up in, but "mix-up" has another meaning besides making a mistaken identity. "Mixing it up" means also to get into a fight.

    2. You're right; I forgot that mix-up also means to get into a fight.
      (And yeah, you're right that the difference in understanding the meaning of the phrase is both generational and geographical.)