"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

15 October 2015


2 Marcheshvan 5776

"Credit: KMGroup. Don't know who created this" (The Israel Link)

The Powers That Be are trying to create chaos in the streets of Jerusalem so that they can come in and bring a "new order" to the chaos - a Palestinian State with (East) Jerusalem as its capital.

We only need to do the minimum of hishtadlut to merit Hashem's protection. Prayer is our individual minimum. As a nation we have employed and trained and armed security forces, and that is our national minimum. You look and see that it's not enough. Let me tell you, it never was! It was always just an illusion! The lesson to be learned here is not that now you must go out armed and defend yourself. The lesson to be learned here is that you must depend completely on Hashem because that's how it's always been. You just didn't believe it.

Now, you want to put your trust in yourself and in your neighbor. How many armed policemen have been stabbed? I saw one video where the terrorist was sitting right in front of the policeman and suddenly he jumped and stabbed and the policeman never had a chance to use his weapon. (Of course, the attacker was shot by fellow officers.) But, what about the rabbi in the Old City who heard a commotion and came out with his gun in his hand only to be stabbed to death himself?  And if they run you over with a car first, how are you going to be able to fight them off?


Is your faith really so weak that you need the crutch of an illusion of protection in order to feel safe? The problem is, if you're putting your faith in the might of your own hand, you will neglect to exercise and strengthen your emunah through prayer which is your real source of protection.

Finally, we have to stop looking to stop-gap, temporary measures that are designed simply to react to what others are doing to us. We have to take the long view, identify why we are in this mess and figure out how to get out of it - permanently.

If you really want to do your hishtadlut, start by not doing business any longer with anyone who hires Arabs and let the owners know this. If they can't get work, the Arabs will leave our land for other places. Employment is what brought them here in the first place. And face it - No Arabs, No Terror.

Another thing, start a real campaign to get Yehudah v'Shomron annexed to the State of Israel. As long as the government does not state plainly, clearly and unequivocally that there will never be a State of Palestine on Israeli soil, we are going to be plagued with problems like we have today.

Every Israeli citizen who voted for Netanyahu and/or any party that supports a "2-state solution" is guilty of this blood!! I know it's hard to hear, but John Kerry is partially correct. At this stage in history, holding out this hope to the Arabs and not fulfilling it makes them believe they are justified in trying to take it by force. IT IS WE, VIA OUR ELECTED LEADERS, WHO HAVE TOLD THE WORLD WE MAKE NO CLAIM ON THIS LAND YET WE CONTINUE TO DEVELOP IT AS IF WE DO! 

Yes, it is our evil leaders who are sending this double message, not only to the world but to the citizens as well, telling us we can build and then coming to tear down! But, a great majority of Jews are still voting for these people. It's our minds and hearts which must be changed. And then Hashem will change our reality.

Hashem is bringing us to a complete state of helplessness, just as we were at Yam Suf, so that we will look to Him alone and cry out to Him to save us.

When the international protection force arrives, your prayers are going to be all that is left to you. Prepare now. "Only don't be afraid." Trust in Hashem's protection and in Hashem's mercy.


  1. Maybe update your political prisoner box to read "solitary confinement, no phone, hunger strike". Those poor brave young settlers!

  2. There's a story over at 'Kikar' telling the story of a man saved from the terrorist attack on the # 78 bus because of a mitzvah.

    While he doesn't claim to keep all 613 mitzvot, this man decided to pick one to do well. He decided to really "guard his eyes". While in line for the # 78 bus Tuesday morning, there was an immodestly dressed woman in front of him. He tried to keep his eyes closed so as not to see her. In the course of this, he did not move up in line promptly and the driver closed the door and took off, leaving him behind.

    He tells how upset he was at missing this bus because of trying to do this mitzvah, calculating in his head the missed time and aggravation, etc. ...until he heard what happened on that bus later.

  3. This latest post was absolutely great and so, so needed. Jews must awaken to who they really are inside, their Yiddishe neshamas, and start putting complete faith in Hashem. Start praying, saying Tehilim, do chesed when one has the opportunity, give tzedakah; thereby doing teshuva and faith (emunah) will increase and be a protection for oneself and even for their loved ones. The last comment above by Devash is a perfect example how Hashem sees all, hears all and knows all and how everything is reallly all from Shamayim. nili

  4. 'Q'
    Love it! Yes! Excellent words.