16 October 2015

Parshat Noach 5776

3 Marcheshvan 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

What is the message of Parshat Noach? The world is Hashem's including everything in it. Life and death are in His hands. Every moment that creation exists is because He wills it. 

Some people are getting that message. With grateful thanks to HKB"H for sparing us this potential disaster and thanks to Muqata for being the vehicle for that message today.

Published with permission.

~Shabbat shalom~


  1. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there...

    4) "I read it and said to myself 'What a miracle!'. but it is up to Jameel to decide: not everyone wants to read a post written that way, and you don't want to alienate those people. No one is stopping you from making that the first comment in capital letters! It certainly 'adds' to the post."

    5) "My understanding is that this is not a Chabad site, so such terminology is out of place. Us Religious Zionists believe that Tzahal & the other branches of Israel's security forces are agents of God's work. Give Tzahal & the Police the credit that they deserve."

  2. Keep reading... Most of the comments are positive... Except doe a couple of people the main issue is that we should ALSO give the IDF credit-- which of course we should. Shifra Chana

    1. You're right and it is very encouraging. Thanks so much for raising the issue. Its importance cannot be emphasized enough.

  3. The owner of that page saw fit to clarify his personal position by remarking on today's report about the murdered IDF soldier in Beersheva last night: "May Omri's memory be a blessing, and his death avenged via the IDF."

    HY"D is good enough for me.

    - a voice in the wilderness