18 October 2015

Get Ready For It - Round 2

5 Marcheshvan 5776

Will the government really allow a "mass ascent" by Jews to the Temple Mount tomorrow? If so, are they playing right into the hands of those who want to takes it away from us? 

Israel seeks to thwart French initiative on Temple Mount

...The French proposal raises the possibility of sending an international observer force to the Temple Mount similar to the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH) observers currently stationed in Hebron. The proposal requires the full consensus of all 15 Security Council members. It is set to be deliberated at the Security Council meeting on the Middle East on Thursday.

The Israeli government was angered by the French proposal, seeing it as a continuation of a previous proposal to set a timetable for the establishment of a Palestinian state and an attempt by France to expand the Quartet by adding new countries. The Prime Minister's Office said that "the French proposal regarding international supervision on the Temple Mount is entirely baseless. It is only declarative. Israel is working with the US and others against this initiative."

Netanyahu: Israel is solution, not problem, on Temple Mount

“Israel cannot accept the French draft at the [UN] Security Council. It doesn’t mention Palestinian incitement, it doesn’t mention Palestinian terrorism, and it calls for the internationalization of the Temple Mount,” Netanyahu said at the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting.


  1. Here is what the UN REALLY thinks- http://www.unwatch.org/report-un-officials-inciting-murder-of-jews-call-to-stab-zionist-dogs/


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    1. Here's another one. More "secret deals".
      Report: Israel Proposed PA Forces Guard Temple Mount

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