18 October 2015

Beit Knesset Ayelet HaShachar - Doomed!

5 Marcheshvan 5776

So far, this month is really living up to its name, Hashem yerachem!

 This is a lovely video of the beautiful synagogue in Givat Ze'ev which has stood for 20 years and which has been order by the High Court of the evil Erev Rav regime to be destroyed tomorrow.

And this will not be the first time a synagogue was razed by the elected government here. But, can anyone name even one church or mosque which has been similarly treated? I really don't think so.

If the streets of Jerusalem running with the blood of murdered Jews and the utter destruction of a synagogue because the land is falsely claimed by an Arab after 20 years does not make you scream to high Heaven for redemption, I guess nothing will.

זהו חלק ממתחם בית הכנסת "איילת השחר" בגבעת זאב אותו ציווה בג"ץ להרוס מחר. ההחלטה התקבלה ללא דרישה להוכחת בעלות מערבי מרמללה, וללא שום הסכמה של הבג"ץ לפתרון אחר מלבד הריסה (פיצוי כספי, אטימה, ועוד).זוהי החלטה גזענית, ולעומתה אלפי בתי ערבים לא חוקיים ועשרות מסגדים לא חוקיים שהבג"ץ אינו הורס. בואו היום לגבעת זאב למנוע את ההרס!
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  1. Do you, or anyone else, remember the chassidishe story about two chassidim who had to paint something on their foreheads so when they looked at each other they would know they were sane? i.e. everyone else was crazy. Sorry for the poor description.
    My point is, we are getting closer to this stage every day.

    1. The Tainted grain

      ... to remind ourselves that we are not normal, we will make a mark on our foreheads. Even if we are insane, whenever we look at each other, we will remember that we are insane!”

    2. Just now getting to read this. Thank you so much for the reply and link.

  2. So I am correct that the article that described why the synagogue is being razed is untrue?
    "The non-governmental group Yesh Din had initially petitioned the court against the synagogue after it was discovered that documents relating to the purchase of its property from Palestinian land owners were forged."
    So after multiple appeals and many years the court decided that the final determination was unjust and untrue? or just unjust or untrue?
    Just curious

    1. Three different Arabs came over the years claiming the land was theirs. The first two sold their claim to the Jews and this last one refused to sell (on the advice of leftists who had gone out looking for him). Since there can't be three legitimate "owners", it stands to reason that one or all are crooks. Any transaction made with them would then not be legal. I have no doubt whatever in my mind that the Jews acted in good faith. Of course, according to God's law, no Arab "owns" any part of Eretz Yisrael. But, even putting all that aside, there are churches and mosques in the same category, but the Court would never dare to order their destruction. The hypocrisy of the way the "law" is carried out robs it of any claim of justice.

  3. (YWN) Will the razing of Beit Knesset Ayelet HaShachar in Givat Ze’ev lead to the downfall of the coalition government. The gabbai of the shul, Rav David Arush spoke with Kol Berama Radio and he explained that a number of politicians have promised him that if the shul is knocked down in compliance with a High Court ruling then they will topple the coalition government.

    Speaking with radio host Mordechai Lavie, Rav Arush called on the tzibur at large to come and join those who will be holed up in the shul to prevent bulldozers from destroying it. Rav Arush added “If the prime minister prevented the destruction of huts in Sufiya he can certainly prevent this, the destruction of a shul”.

    Rav Arush added “I have turned to many politicians on Thursday, at a major atzeres, and today they are putting in writing that if the prime minister does not find a solution, they will bring down the coalition”.

    Rav Arush explained his anger at Shas party officials. He stated he has been negotiating with them to assist for a year, but it is not happening. He feels the Shas politicians should have been first in line to come to his side to protect and preserve the shul but this is not the case.

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. Funny, well maybe not so funny, I was in the synagogue in Migron about two weeks before it was destroyed too. So excuse me for not being there with you on this one. There is a certain point at which one has to withdraw from the barrage of insanity.

      The Good news? The synagogue in the Yemenite Village in Silwan was just disinfected of its Arab squatter infestation this same very day today. Yep this very day. In the 1936- 39 Arab riots the Yemenites were evacuated by the British to save their lives from their neighbors. More than 75 years later, The Silwan Yemenite Beit Knesset is now in our hands Try to concentrate more on this one for the sake of your sanity.

    2. Never saw anything in any of the news yesterday about either this or the "mass ascent" to Temple Mount. Anyone else have any information???

    3. Ah, well here's some good news: Givat Ze’ev’s Ayelet HaShachar Shul Gets a Two-Week Reprieve

      I guess that threat to bring down the government was credible enough to scare someone into acting.

      Please, Hashem, let it never come to pass!