22 October 2015

Re-Dividing Jerusalem

9 Marcheshvan 5776

Baruch Hashem that there are some clued in people who are making the job harder, but I fear the failure will come regardless and the unthinkable will happen - at least for a time. Jerusalem will be re-divided. 

“Behold, a day of G-d is coming, when your spoils will be divided in your midst." (Zechariah 14)

For how long, I suppose, depends on our efforts at teshuvah.

Last week, the government began placing a "temporary" wall between Jewish (Armon HaNetziv) and Arab (Jabal Muchaber) areas of the capital. They are literally across the street from each other. Within hours, people were calling for its removal out of fear that it was a prelude to a re-division of the city - just like the "security wall" is a de-facto partitioning of the "West Bank" from the rest of  "Israel proper".

(Ynet) "Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the barrier would remain "for as long as needed" and that it could be lengthened based on security needs."

Top: Jerusalem Wall; Bottom: West Bank Wall
All in the name of  "security". We're seeing in this day and age that humanity is being scared into willingly relinquishing hard-won human rights in the interest of personal "security".

So, this brings me to the reason I chose this subject today. 
Police Down Hundreds of Men in Eastern Jerusalem
Police stations in eastern Yerushalayim, faced with the heart of the Islamic violence and attacks in the capital, are significantly shorthanded, lacking about 400 policemen.

Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan is working to encourage them by offering financial and other incentives, yet fewer and fewer policemen are willing to serve in the predominately Arab areas of the capital and the high confrontation areas. Policemen explain they are unwilling to endure what the job demands for a mere NIS 400-500 extra monthly. This they explain includes serving in the Arab areas and the Old City. “We prefer NIS 500 monthly less and have a quiet life” one officer is quoted telling Walla News anonymously.
What this anonymous police officer doesn't seem to grasp yet is that no place on earth is going to be "quiet" - ever again. 

But, this is just another reason to give "East" Jerusalem to the Arabs for their capital. They wil say that the State can't continue to bear the burden of supplying security to these areas which most Jews have been scared into avoiding. And that will include the Old City, too!

I firmly believe that everything we're seeing and experiencing today has been orchestrated with the cooperation of this regime and is meant to "soften up" the populace for this inevitable eventuality.


  1. A couple of points. Only a prophet could have known that half the city of Jerusalem would be taken as spoils in war and according to the article, the conditions for the police officers seem overly harsh. Like five year commitment, etc. It makes it sound like they really want to discourage, not encourage, police to serve those areas.

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. Yes, 'voice'. Most of what this regime does seems to be counterproductive to its stated goals. That's how we know they're lying to us.

  2. Yep. It's pretty much the finishing up of defacto borders, on order from the PTB.

    From 2008: If It Looks Like a Border Crossing...

    1. Thanks for bringing this up. We have the same issue with the one at A-Zayim.

  3. I believe they are taking them down, there was a lot of opposition, apparently the mayor was also in support, as a safety measure. But, I agree, much of what we see today, including the massive arrests and illegal incarceration of political prisoners, is meant to soften us up, remove the opposition and prepare us for an eventual division of our Holy Land...I believe the agreement has already been made and it is just a matter of timing, I hope I am wrong, but this has been my suspicion for some time now.

  4. I'm re positing this comment since it's the bottom line:

    למה, רגשו גויים; ולאומים, יהגו-ריק
    יושב בשמיים ישחק

    That's what's happening, let the nations do what they want, King Dovid is not worried, Hashem is laughing. All they do is for nothing.

  5. OK, where is the barrier? It is so small that I can not see it.

  6. Right you are Devash and Chanah. All orchestrated. Why doesn't anyone with an IQ above 10 undestand that already? But, as Ronnie Rendel says, H' is laughing and soon our enemies will not be laughing. We pray speedily b'mheirah b'yameinu.


  7. http://torahthinking.com/1167/r-mendel-kessin-motzi-shabos-10172015-current-events-derech-hashem/
    new video of R' Mendel Kessin

  8. Wow, Leah, thank you for bringing this R' Kessin video. If we can understand it, maybe we can do away with the opposition to Geulah Shleimah (among so many other things...).