"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

04 October 2015

High Holy Days Terror-War Goes to New Level

21 Tishrei 5776
Hoshanah Rabbah

[Check back for more updates until beginning of chag.]

23 yr-old woman driving home with infant daughter near Eli injured when Arabs stoned her car

Names of the injured from the attack in the Old City for prayer: Adel bat Miriam and
Natan ben Adel (Adel is now reported out of life-threatening danger)

15 yr old stabbed by Issawiya Arab near Neviim St in Jerusalem - the Arab terrorist was shot and killed

THIS IS NOT A JOKE: BBC reported last night's terror attack in the Old City as "Palestinian Shot Dead After Jerusalem Attack Kills Two"

(7:30am): A military operation is underway in Jenin in seach of a "terrorist leader". IDF is under fire.
"A light anti-tank missile has been fired at the house of a Hamas leader in Jenin." IDF Forces Operate in Jenin Early Hoshana Raba Morning

Grenades reportedly thrown at light-rail in Shuafat

(9:00am): PM has returned from America. Will hold an "emergency" security meeting at the Kirya (military headquarters) in Tel Aviv.

'Wide-scale operation may be needed to control Jerusalem terror'
..."We will toughen our measures against the Palestinians," [Minister of Intelligence Israel Katz]said speaking to Army Radio. "There could be a need for another Operation Defensive Shield."

(11:00am): Massive march of Arabs in Jerusalem against the closure of Temple Mount to non-Israeli Arabs and under 50 yrs-old men.

(11:15am): PM has called an emergency meeting of police and army commanders for 1pm

(12 Noon): The terrorist that the IDF was slooking for in Jenin escaped, but they found a cache of "huge" bombs

Hanin Zoabi and other Arab MKs continue to incite against Jews ascending Har Habayit

"The Red Crescent declares a State of Emergency in Yesha and Jlem." (The Israel Link)

It has been announced that a mass demonstration will take place at Paris Square near the PM's residence with leading rabbis at 9pm Monday night.

(1:00pm): Muslim women rioters in Old City dispersed.

Levaya for Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi, Hy"d being held in Har Hamenuchot

(1:30pm): Levayah for Rabbi Aaron Banita-Benet is to begin in the next few minutes. Kevurah will be on Har HaZeitim.

Palestinian Authority Calls on UN to Act against ‘Israeli Violence’

...The [PA] government demanded in a statement on Sunday, the international community and organizations of the United Nations, to intervene to compel Israel to cease its violations in the Palestinian territory, the latest of which was the killing of two young men in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and a series of incursions into the cities and villages of the West Bank, and settler attacks last night on the villages of the West to the protection of the occupation army , and wounding a number of citizens.

Without one word of denunciation of the two Arab terrorist attacks Thursday and Saturday night that killed four Jews, Palestinian Authority spokesman Ihab Accord Bseiso charged on WAFA that Israel’s “escalatory policy comes within the framework of the efforts of the Israeli government aimed at undermining the Palestinian and international political efforts and the efforts of the destruction of the two-state solution, and dragging the region into a new spiral of violence.”

He said the solution is simple: End the Israeli occupation of our land Palestinian territories, and the establishment of our independent state on the 1967 borders with its capital in East Jerusalem.

Fatah spokesman Ahmed Assaf stated, “The time has come to end the occupation and to achieve independence.”

(2:00pm): Fire of unknown origin and precise location being reported in Jerusalem.

Reports - Jews attack the Arab governor of Jenin's car as he was traveling; Arab riots in Hevron, in Urif (near Yitzhar) with injuries to rioters; IDF has closed all entrances to Beit Ummar because of a "security risk"; Tzomet Al Hader stone thrower arrested

There's unconfirmed word that the kevurah of Rabbi Banita-Benet may not be able to take place on Har HaZeitim after all.

(2:20pm): Hundreds of Arabs rioting in Issawiya; "over 100 injuries due toi riots across Yehuda and Shomron" (The Israel Link)

The earlier reported fire in Jerusalem is said to have started in a sukkah belonging to a synagogue on HaTavor St. Six fire-fighting crews are on the scene. No word yet about injuries.

Rabbi Aaron Banita-Benet, Hy"d, was laid to rest in Har Hamenuchot.

(3:15pm): The Gerrer Rebbe, the Boyaner Rebbe, the Vishnitzer Rebbe and Rav Chaim Kanievsky have all given instructions for Jews to distance themselves from the Old City right now. (For all we know, Hashem has something special planned for the Arabs and wants His children out of harm's way.)

(3:45pm): Rioting in A-Tur, Silwan, and at the Shuafat checkpoint

There's an unconfirmed report that Saeb Erekat and Mahmoud Abbas will step down from their leadership positions in Fatah tomorrow.

(4:45pm): Israeli policeman injured by explosive thrown at Kever Rachel during riots

The Internal Security Minister (sic) tells Israelis to "keep a stiff upper lip" as they are expected to "grin and bear" this new wave of terror. (Is any other government on earth less deserving of its citizens' support and respect than this one????)

Damage to vehicles, but B"Hno reports of injuries or deaths from all the rock attacks going on across Judea and Samaria, the worst of which have been taking place at Tapuah Junction, Hevron, Gush Etzion, and Shilo.

(5:15pm): End of updates. May we know no more sorrow or loss. 


  1. If this was/is a birth - the baby has crowned and there is one more push to go.


    1. That is exactly how I feel... I hope for only one push, because there is hardly strength for more... I can't stop crying. I am begging Hshem, not asking. It hurts to move and we are supposed to sit in the sukkah... happy. I feel devastated and I feel like I am failing ...to stay positive...This does not strengthen me or my resolve. I do not understand. I am stupid. I am sorry. Leah R

    2. Chazak v'Amatz!! This is the big test we were warned was coming. You can get through it with God's help!! Take shelter under His wings!

  2. All Jews are at risk.
    Keep vigilant.
    Stay awake and aware of your surroundings.
    Guard and arm yourselves.

  3. You have to see cnn's coverage of the stabbing. Two killed in attack is the headline. Then it talks all about how the Israeli police killed the Palestinian. Then it chocks the whole thing up to escalation of violence. Never says terrorist or Palestinian killer.

  4. If and should missile attacks begin, they will probably begin on the chag. Keep candles away from flammable surfaces, prepare mentally for any outcome.

  5. Eizenkopt nisht a cop! He's a failure for the IDF. My estimate is don't hire a short man, they are too involved with their ego. The former Ash...... Was the same. Not good for the Jews. And neither is that ant Jewish guy on the Supreme Court. Not good for the Jews. We need someone like a Meir to recruit the Maccabees to control the philistines! Or maybe a Samson! The people are not going to take this much longer.

  6. Now you understand why Hashem said to wipe them out completely when we came back to our land.

  7. These Esav newspaper headlines drive me insane. Talk about the "banality of evil."
    I feel like Noise Blockers and Other Remedies and Leah R., that just one more push is needed.

    Paradoxically, I feel energized from anticipation for the oncoming birth, yet completely drained from years of labor. I can't make it through another year. A lot of people seem to be feeling the same.

    May Hashem avenge the blood of the precious niftarim and grant a speedy and full recovery to the wounded, and a nechama to those grieving.

  8. Yes. Not only have we not driven them from the Land, but we have fed, coddled and made pacts with them. And this is the reality that comes from going against Torah.

  9. Let our enemies eat their hearts out right now.

  10. There's a sickening picture with story circulating on the Hebrew facebook pages showing an IDF soldier feeding water to an Arab rioter who complained that although the terrorist organizations promised to pay them to throw rocks from Al Aqsa, not only did they not pay, they did not even provide them with water. The story continues that not only did the IDF soldier give the terrorist-rock-thrower a nice drink of water, he even gave him a sandwich. As if to demonstrate our moral superiority to our enemies. Well, this kind of "superiority" will get us all killed!! And it's pure stupidity is what it is. The "Israeli advocacy" groups who are passing this photo and story around are hoping it will win them points with the goyim, but the goyim just shake their heads and think to themselves - maybe a people like this deserves what it gets.

  11. I was in Eli for Shabbath. I took the Mateh Binyamin bus back to Jerusalem at 8pm. We encountered some traffic around Adam Junction, due to additional checks by Magav (border patrol).

    I was surprised that the bus went through Beth Hanina (one of the Arab neighborhoods, know for attacking the light rail). Everything there was quiet. But, we went directly to the entrance of the city, and skipped French Hill and Bar-Ilan Junction. Not sure why. Traffic? Checks? When was the attack near Eli?

  12. Listen to Adelle Bennet describe her attack: “I ran for dozens of meters with a knife in my shoulder, bleeding. Arabs in the area who saw this horrible scene clapped and laughed, and told that they hoped for my quick death. I felt I was about to faint,” she said. “I tried to hold on to someone who passed by, and they just shook me off and kicked me, and said 'die.'”

    Why do we tolerate them at all!
    And Erdan says to 'bite your lip' at these periodic terror attacks.' What an donkey!