28 October 2015

Binyamin: "World War Three Broke Out"

15 Marcheshvan 5776


Yerushalayim, Yom Shlishi, Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan
with Binyamin

World War Three Broke Out
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I very much want to speak. I'm very afraid, very afraid. Actually, it's possible to say clearly that the Third World War already started. And it's not just me the poor autistic saying it, there are a lot of wise and great people, among the Jews as well as the gentiles, who already know that 'this is it'. We're at the end. Indeed, we haven't seen more large cities disappearing, Baruch Hashem, but we know now that it very much could be.

And we're seeing enormous changes in the world, but with all that there is - there are still those who say: 'But, nothing has happened!' Except it has. Just look for yourselves how our world has changed.

Ever since we were little children we learned about  Europe. Europe is the 'Aryan race'. The majority are light-skinned, blondes with blue eyes, etc. There are all kinds of countries in Europe, there's England, which is a little bit not exactly Europe, but almost, and there's Holland, and Germany, and Austria, etc., etc. and there, in those places, it's a certain kind of people. In Spain - it's another type. In Arab countries, it's a different type, in the US, there's 'all kinds', but mainly they are whites, whites with blue eyes, blondes, which the majority came from Europe in order to look for democracy, the freedom to be Protestants or Jews or something else.

And how does it look now in all these places? In Europe, it's full of Arabs. There's almost no European-born. And if they remain, all the hundreds of thousands that there are in Europe, more than a million probably, and already there are from them already a few million, if it continues like this, so the dark-brown and the beige will stick out, it will be the majority, and Islam will rule. And now it's just a big mess there, there's nowhere to put them, little children with their mothers, but the majority are men who are making big problems, thieving, and doing all kinds of not good deeds. But, in Germany perhaps they found a place for them...  Concentration camps where they used to kill Jews, and now it's their houses, so the world really looks 'wonderful'.

In the US, the same thing. The president has let in 'tons and tons' of Arabs. And of course there are among them, and among those who came to Europe, there are a lot who are from Da"esh (ISIS). And aside from this there are a lot of Africans who are running away from their homes, and Mexicans, and they're letting them just stream into the US, without a green card, without asking who or what they are. A serious part of them are really criminals, murderers, and they're not checking, they don't care. But, if an Israeli goes there, then already they will make him problems. He needs a green card, he needs a job, and to buy a house, etc., etc. That's how our world looks.

But, now the Russians are in Syria, and not for no reason, 100,000! One hundred thousand, approximately one hundred thousand soldiers with all the weapons we only dream about. Next to Syria, Russia has a lot of warships from which they can launch the most advanced missiles. And in addition to that they have more help: - China. The Chinese, if they want to conquer the Middle East - they only need to bring a quarter of the Chinese, they will stand next to each other, and they will fill the whole area... But, they also arrived with warships, and they're also fighting. And that says that Putin is taking over Syria with the help of the Chinese and the Iranians. And now, in Russia they are also drafting soldiers from the reserves, and now they're also in Iraq! The Jews here in Israel are very worried, because it's not a problem for them to fly 'a smidgen' within Eretz Yisrael, perhaps simply to come and take over. It could very well be.

The plan is simply to take over the Middle East, which is already weak, it's been weakened from all the wars that the evildoers planned and implemented, 'Arab against Arab'. And what's with this tiny country? All the troubles that we're having today, and yesterday, and before that, and all that's going to be for us here, it's still small compared with what's going to be. And if you think that life will return to something like it was before - I don't think so. These evildoers already started the wars and they won't stop now. They have the taste of success, the taste of war and victory. They have the taste in their mouth of the blood and sweat that a person has when they're fighting. And they won't stop. Won't stop. After they finish off all these Arabs, they want to sit here, to expand the boundaries here, and to make Eretz Yisrael into their center, and also to build a Temple of avodah zarah, Hashem yishmor, and 'home'. That's their plan, but they won't succeed, with God's help. But until they will understand and until we will understand that they're not succeeding - there will in any case be enough Jews who will try to return to themselves their lives as they once were, so they can continue their materialism.

My brothers, listen! This won't be. The world is going to collapse also materially, spiritually - it already fell. And also, we are standing before the most frightening wars, with a lot of destruction in the world. With God's help, in Eretz Yisrael it won't be so severe like in the the world, but it will be hard. Most people will think it will be better to flee abroad, but they don't understand and they don't want to understand that in chu"l, it will be a lot harder for them. In chutz la'aretz -  the evildoers hate the Jews, even though outwardly they behave differently, usually. There will be a lot more antisemitism, a lot of chaos. A lot of the lowest people, the trash, when they will begin to quarrel with each other, they will catch the Jews as victims. But it's impossible to speak with them, because they don't want to know. Usually their lives are comfortable, so they don't want to know. But I request from everyone, explain to them, right, now it's hard here in Eretz Yisrael, but it's not at all possible to compare to what will be there, not allowed to compare.

Now, I more or less gave you the picture. It won't be quiet, it can't be quiet anymore. Putin already took a step that he can't come back from. And in a little bit the money will begin to go down severely in its worth, and it will be in all the currencies, all over the world. And everyone will worry just to eat, that there will be what to eat, for the children, to live day to day. And the rich, except for the evildoers among them, will lose most of their money. These - eighty-five families who control all the money in the world - they will decide who gets and who doesn't.

And now, dear Jews, real Jews, what do you say?... Don't you see what's happening?!... Don't you see that the world is at its end, at the end of its path?!... That the world, in the situation of the sin of Adam HaRishon, and the Satan, the yetzer hara who is the Satan, he's the ruler now of this world?! Don't you feel it?!... Don't you feel that there is some danger for innocent children, they're in some danger from the Satan, from all the-world-of-filth, from the lack of holiness, like it used to be, like the Generation of the Flood, like Sedom - Amorrah. We have a lot of examples of "how it used to be", but we were sure that we were already past this, but everyone understands that this is it, we're not beyond it, it's really what it is.

Am Yisrael, come home, come home. Those who are here in Israel, don't leave, don't become confused. It's just the yetzer hara, he who wants to confuse you. Sit and learn the prophecies, sit and learn it. It's all precise. Exactly accurate. Don't leave. And return to HKB"H.

Men and youth, married people and unmarried, don't forget to pray three times a day, very-very much make efforts to pray in a minyan, even though it's hard, and even if you have to get up very early in the morning, it's very important. To come close to HKB"H. First of all - in prayer, and afterwards in learning.

And the women, whoever can, synagogue - it's very nice. Don't have to. Women who are mothers with little children - it's enough to speak with HKB"H. Talk to Him. Make a connection with Him, so that you feel Him. And then He will save you all and also your children. And all of us together, separately as well as together, need to cry out to Hashem: 'Save us, save us, Father in Heaven, save us!' And He will save us. Don't be afraid, even though it's hard, and even though there is a lot of danger, and even though there are among us those who are leaving this world at the last minute, don't worry about them, they're in a good place. It's easier for them than it is for us. If they're not ba'alei-aveirot, who knows what - then it's easier for them there than it is for us here. Easier for them. But, I prefer here and to receive Mashiach Tzidkeinu. And I believe that also all of you, the same thing.

So, make a connection with our Father in Heaven. Every moment just request from Him, and talk to Him. And don't be afraid, because the fear - it's the Satan. And we are free people [Bnei Chorin]. We, Bnei Yisrael, we are the children of HKB"H. He's concerned for us '100%'. And He won't bring any evil to us. It might appear evil, but at the end of the day - it's good. And I ask of you, beg of you, those in chutz la'aretz and those in Israel, those in Israel - don't dream of going over there, and those in chutz la'aretz - start packing things, because the time has come. 

[To be continued with Questions and Answers, iy"H]


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    1. if it was not already obvious, look at the us debt (usdebtclock.org), america owes 18.424 trillion dollars in debt and growing. They think each and every citizen (including children and babies) will pay it. $57.222 per citizen. It is funny because much of the nation is in massive debt and the tops will not help and care about this. It will obviously be worthless Very soon. Gold will help after that.