25 October 2015

Avodah Ivrit - Jewish Labor

13 Marcheshvan 5776

Let's put the lie to rest that Jewish businesses must hire Arabs to work because Jews won't do those jobs.

Jewish Labor Is There, You Just Have to Want It
By Uri Kirshenbaum on October 21, 2015

An interview with Nerya Ofan, the founder of the “Jewish Labor Forum,” on the potential of using only Jewish labor and on the importance of spreading ideas that raise awareness of the issue.

During the recent wave of terror attacks in Israel, it has often been the case that many of the Arab terrorists worked either for Jewish businesses or for the State (as in the case of the Bezeq employee he rammed into Jews with his car and then jumped out and stabbed several). This fact has led many Jews to turn their attention towards the potential of using Jewish labor.

Even Jews who normally do not focus on finding Jewish workers have found themselves wanting only Jewish workers and wanting to shop in stores that do not hire Arabs.

Fortunately for these Jews, there is already a project that identifies businesses using only Jewish labor and makes it easy to find them. Moreover, the founders of this project explain the importance of Jewish labor even when Arab terror is at a lower level. Nerya Ofan, a small-business owner himself, and a few friends who are all students of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh, created the “Jewish Labor Forum” (currently only in Hebrew). The forum is based on the internet and is a list of businesses throughout Israel that employ only Jews....

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(Source: HaKol HaYehudi English Magazine)