09 December 2008

What's the Alternative?

If people understood how much better life would be lived in accordance with Torah principles, they would rush to embrace it. Here is a description of an alternative system of governance.

Kingship Under A Torah Government

"Here it should be noted that a king of Israel may be appointed either by the Great Sanhedrin, or by the people with the Sanhedrin’s approval. Under Jewish law, the Sanhedrin will not appoint a king (or any officer, for that matter) who is not acceptable to the people: “We must not appoint a leader over a community without first consulting it” (Berachot 55a; Exod. 35:30). On the other hand, the Court will not confirm any popular choice who is not qualified for the office. We see here the principle of ‘government with the consent of the governed,’ but without the idol of popular sovereignty. Only God is sovereign; and it is only by the laws of His Torah that men can overcome the perennial problem of democracy, that of reconciling wisdom and consent."

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