15 December 2008

See What You've Wrought?

All you "Modern" Orthodox who voted for the clean-shaven Chiloni? But then, what am I saying? You wouldn't see the shame in this, would you? You probably think it's a great idea. I mean, it would mean MONEY for the capitol, right??? G-d help us!!

Jerusalem mayor looks to bring Hollywood to the Holy City

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat recently met with six major Hollywood producers in an effort to persuade them to begin producing films in the capital.

The night I heard him say to a "Modern" Orthodox crowd, "There are the Hareidim and then there are the people like us," I hated him because he was distinguishing between Jew and Jew and causing an unnecessary division. Bu then, those who had come to hear him didn't seem to have a problem with it.

Maybe he was right. Maybe I was just in the wrong crowd that night.

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  1. B"H

    ...AND get ready for the traffic jams....AND the "being treated like less than" in our own country, worse than we already are.

    I'm from So. Cal. I know these Hollywood types well.

    Nasty business.

    As far as Barkat is concerned. You saw him bash Haredim, we saw him campaign with the "fear factor" like Meretz, and now who's on his coalition? Haredim.

    Who that speaks about worse, him or Haredim, I don't know.

    I'm not optimistic about this one.