14 December 2008

"Not at Any Price"

Yaalon on Returning Shalit: Not at any Price

"...He stressed that Israel should not pay too high a price for Shalit, since doing so would encourage terrorists to kidnap more soldiers."

Who needs to "pay" a price? Let's start exacting a price!

To begin with NO prisoner releases. No conjugal visits, no contact with family, no tv, complete lockdown, bread and water only. And then we can sit down and decide what price they will be required to pay for not releasing Gilad.

What, the world will scream? Who the h--l cares? There's a captive Jew that needs rescuing---one way or another.


  1. B"H

    There you go again,...making too much sense.

    Neither the corrupt, nor the idiodic politicians, nor the typical numbed-out Israeli has a clue as to what you're saying.

    But, keep saying it, though. I have confidence that you will reach some of them eventually.

  2. Galut mentality again. This is how we were forced to act while we were "guests" among the nations---paying bribes and ransoming prisoners.

    This is not how we are supposed to act as sovereigns in our own land. We have the power, we're just afraid to use it. And this is the difference between the failed leaders of the Erev Rav regime and Mashiach.

    If you people don't get a Mashiach mentality quick, then you will have no place in the messianic kingdom. We're not gonna have another situation where we have a Rabbi Kahane to lead us to victory but the people are too afraid to follow; too afraid of unfounded charges of racism, extremism, etc.

    Get with the geula program, people. Let go of western culture and western 'values.' Let go of elections!!