12 December 2008

Voice of the Erev Rav

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"...our main service and battle is to break and to remove the strength of the Erev Rav,... the Erev Rav is our greatest enemy, ... the war against the Erev Rav is the most difficult and bitterest of all....

Divre Simcha by Rabbi Simcha Ysachar Ber Chalberstam, zt"l) "...even if we see in them (The Erev Rav) good things like Torah and tradition and good manners and in particular they make peace with everybody and peace is the foundation of everything,...we must reject all these people even when they have good aspects in their behavior because then will be time of clarification and selection and this will be the trial and choice in those days."

Voice of the Erev Rav
Recognizing the voice of the 'Erev Rav' will help you identify others like the one featured below:

Free at last :Gaza withdrawal first battle in war for Israel's identityBy Amos Oz (Excerpted from Ynet)

...we non-religious Israelis also have a dream. We want to live in an enlightened, open and just country, not in some messianic, rabbinic monarchy, and not in the whole land of Israel. We came here to be a free people in our own land.

To be a free people means each person is entitled to choose which parts of Jewish tradition are important to him, and which to leave behind. It means to have the freedom to run our country according to our free will, rather than rabbinic dictates.

It means recognizing we are not alone in this land and demanding from the Palestinians that they do the same.

It means to free ourselves, once-and-for-all, from the nightmare of being an occupying, uprooting, exploiting, settling, expropriating, humiliating, discriminatory country.

For more than 30 years, the settlers' dream has choked the dream of free Israelis. The dream of the whole land of Israel and a messianic kingship drains daily the hope of being a people free to build a just society.

... I can say (to the settlers) : The pain you are going through today is very similar to the pain you have put free Israel friends through for more than 30 years.
Other examples:

Extortion by sanctity
(Ha'aretz Op-Ed)

The High Court of Justice is to rule in the coming days on a petition by the rabbi of the settlement of Elei Sinai, Yishai Bar-Chen, who is asking the state to move the synagogue building in its entirety from the Gaza Strip to within the Green Line. This is a disingenuous petition which, like other petitions of the settlers, makes sophisticated use of liberal principles like individual and community rights in order to carry out deranged messianic acts.

The walls of the synagogues, their floors, roofs and any other part of the structure in which people pray, are neither sacred nor sacrosanct. There is no reason not to take the buildings apart, sell them or make any other use of them the state sees fit. In any case, the communities will bring out the synagogue's sacred objects and memorial plaques. But moving entire buildings just because they served for a time as synagogues will create a dangerous precedent that will show up the weakness of the institution of statehood in the face of the settlers' emotional blackmail.

Jerusalem Post Op-Eds (for 16 Av only):

(1) "...While there were certainly many Israelis who prayed for a miracle to block disengagement, the concerted hopes and prayers of the nation were for a different miracle: that no one would lose their lives in this dramatic internal confrontation.

Neither miracle was to be. Four Israeli Arabs in Shfaram and four Palestinian laborers in Shiloh were murdered by two Jewish terrorists. It is one of the perversities of this conflict that innocent Arabs would be killed by Jews to reverse a decision of the Jewish state.

...the tragedy is, both for the settlement movement and the nation as a whole, that the dignity and pathos of so many Gush Katif families has been overshadowed by a hooligan minority.

...the pointless atrocities of the riffraff who gathered on the roof of a Kfar Darom synagogue and threw paint, paint thinner and metal bars on the security forces who quietly, carefully and with incredible restraint, removed them from their stronghold.

(2) To the messianic rabbis, the blow dealt by disengagement is far more profound than for its other opponents, since to them it constitutes not only material loss and strategic decline but also a theological reversal. In their interpretation of history, the State of Israel was predestined to nurture, whether consciously or subconsciously, a redemption process.

That, and not the security concerns which they preferred to espouse in debates with secular audiences, is what made clergymen ...so harshly oppose disengagement. It is what made so many messianic rabbis deny the approach of what other Israelis realized long ago was actually well on its way. It is also why some of them scandalously called on soldiers to disobey orders, or even preached disengagement from the State of Israel.

...no one group can exclusively claim God's mantle over where history should go.

(3) "Hundreds of families in the Gaza Strip are behaving today more like spoiled brats than like the resilient and courageous pioneers they think of themselves as being."
Well, you get the idea. The list is long and it gets much worse.

Names that will go down in infamy...

(Israel Radio) MK [Michael] Melchior: Turn 4 large Gaza synagogues into centers of peace
(IsraelNN.com) At an afternoon press conference, Police Chief Moshe Karadi on Tuesday thanked all the troops who took part in the Gaza/Samaria Disengagement, complementing their exemplary performance.

(Ynet) Knesset Member Tommy Lappid (Shinui) speaking tonight after the completion of the evacuation of the Gaza and north West Bank settlement, said that the sane country beat the fanatics.

His/Her "Honors"
Very interesting that during the week of Parshat Shoftim the eyes of the nation were upon the Israeli High Court of (In)Justice to see how they would rule regarding the destruction of the synagogues left in Aza.

In the Supreme Court in Jerusalem there is a group of people who have imposed a regime of judicial terror on the believing public in Israel. ...We must realize that there are no judges in Jerusalem. ... The Israeli judicial system does not provide a remedy for the distortions but is itself their source. If we desire life, we must disengage from this criminal band. We must understand what degree of evil we are confronting, and not make use of their services. (Moshe Feiglin in If We Desire Life .)


Pines Concerned With Supreme Court's Honor
Sep 11, '05 / 7 Elul 5765

(IsraelNN.com) Interior Minister (Labor) Ofir Pines had angry words for his fellow ministers who now represent a majority, opposed to the destruction of Gaza's synagogues. Pines maintains that following last week's High Court of Justice ruling giving the go-ahead for destroying the synagogues, the government's change of heart is an affront to the nation's highest court. The minister added that the cabinet ministers could have changed their position a moment before the final appeal was submitted to the High Court but such a move is unacceptable now, after the court has issued its ruling.

Mazuz Embarrassed by Gov's Change of Position Regarding Synagogues
Sep 11, '05 / 7 Elul 5765

(IsraelNN.com) Attorney General Menachem Mazuz on Sunday morning expressed harsh criticism against cabinet ministers for their sudden change of heart regarding the destruction of Gaza's synagogues. Mazuz stated the process is an embarrassing one, adding, "there will be a price."

10 October 2005

Amalekian Alliances


But AMALEK, who are the first born of Mitzraim and The EREV RAV mixed among the Jews, it is written about them (Devarim 25:19) "You shall blot out the remembrance of Amalek."

03 November 2005

'Erev Rav' Attack on Jerusalem

Here is another list of 'Erev Rav' names. It is the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors of the Pave the Way Foundation. According to Lazer Beams and The Mount Zion Situation's website, these "Jews" are leading the Vatican in the war to take Holy Jerusalem from the Jewish people.

What could be more 'Erev-Ravian' than that? (See their Mission Statement.) {Note: Page is no longer accessible.}

More 'Erev Rav' "rabbis" identified:
Rabbi Benjamin Blech of Yeshiva University sits on the Pave the Way Foundation's Board of Advisors.

These Rabbis have also been involved with the Pave the Way Foundation's efforts on past projects

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Chief Rabbi of Efrat, Israel
Rabbi Adam Mintz, president of the New York Board of Rabbis
Rabbi Shmuel Rene Sirot, Past Chief Rabbi of Europe and France
Rabbi David Lincoln, Chief Rabbi of the Park Avenue Synagogue, New York
Rabbi Joseph Arbib of the Great Synagogue in Rome

If you recognize any of the names of these supporters, better let them know what they are really involved with...

"In the holy book Toldot Yakov Joseph (Parshat Nasso) written by Rav Yaakov Joseph of Polnoye, of blessed memory, says that now in the years of the coming of Mashiach the evil inclination concentrates on the leaders and Rabbis and not on each individual, because if the leaders fall into the net of the evil inclination thereby straying from the right path, then they will bring down with them the masses that follow those leaders."
"Before the arrival of Moshiach, most of the rabbis will be from the Erev Rav,.... "(Divrei Chaim, Parashas Vayakhel, 'Omissions')

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