"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

17 December 2008

We Will Not Forget (18.09-18.09.05)

(Reposted from the former Jewish Jihad)

18 AUGUST 2005

Rice Assures PA: More to Come

(IsraelNN.com) American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Arab leaders on Thursday that the United States will pressure Israel to conduct further expulsions. She told the New York Times she "empathizes" with the pain of Israelis but "it cannot be Gaza only."Palestinian Authority (PA) national security advisor Jibril Rajoub told a London-based Arab newspaper that Rice assured him Israel will make further concessions.

U.S. praises Gaza pullout, says will strengthen Israel-U.S. ties

CRAWFORD, Texas - The White House on Thursday praised Israel's pullout from the Gaza Strip as a bold move that will strengthen ties between Israel and the United States.
...Rice: Israel's evacuation of the Gaza Strip is only a first step
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Wednesday said that while she feels for evacuated settlers Israel will be expected to make further concessions that would ultimately lead to an independent Palestinian state."Everyone empathizes with what the Israelis are facing," Rice said, but added "It cannot be Gaza only."

19 AUGUST 2005

Government of the 'Erev Rav'

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Letters of intent to form this present evil government of the Erev Rav were signed by UTJ (United Torah Judaism) on the ninth or Tenth of Tevet. The tsunami occurred the following week, and the government was established on the 23rd of Tevet this year. Sharon's government would have assuredly collapsed if not for UTJ's participation. This is all open for the public record.

Nebuchadnezzar's siege of Yerushalayim lasted 2 1/2 years. I do not know if that means that this siege should last that long or not. There are many amongst UTJ's governing council that were against their joining this government from the beginning. The Admor of Sadigora and the Erloir Rebbe, just to name two, valiantly tried to prevent UTJ's entrance into the government until after Sharon called for new elections. Yet, their pleas would not sway those who decided to join.

I, personally, do not feel worthy enough (as a matter of fact I am heartbroken to write this) to take on Rabbanim that others here and in America say are their Gedolim. Yet, the fact is that the siege of Jerusalem began on the Tenth of Tevet 5765 when this Erev Rav government was constituted.

'Erev Rav' Behavior
Across the world the story flew and how eagerly it was caught up and embraced by those who want to think the worst of Klal Yisrael and love to condemn. And even despite the halacha that it is forbidden to listen to lashon hara even if it is true, how much more so when it has not yet been proven to be true!

Condemnations for acid attack on police by anti-disengagement youths flood in from across political spectrum

Knesset Member Shaul Yahalom, head of the Mafdal Party, said that activists "shamed religious Zionism and the kippa on their head." The Mafdal distances itself from them and emphasizes that the group is made up of loose cannons at the margins of the camp, who do not represent a thing, and only cause damage.

22 AUGUST 2005

They are the real Zionists.

There is nothing wrong with Tel Avivians flocking to cafes during pullout

"...we are the real Zionists. We are the guardians of democracy,...."

And by all that's holy, it's true! They made a god out of Zionism and a matching god of democracy. Those gods must be smashed and the sons and daughters of Ya'akov must take this country back!

"...when Tel Aviv coffee shops are empty; that will truly mean judgment day is here."
Now that Hamas is taking control of Gaza, we may not have long to wait to find out how true this statement is.

18 September 2005
"Heads of the Jews in Exile"
"They are called 'Erev Rav' because they are the heads of the Jews in exile, and therefore they are called 'rav.' " (Likutim HaGra)
U.S. Jews welcome Musharraf

Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf participated Saturday night in a festive dinner hosted in his honor by the World Jewish Congress in New York.

Musharraf was greeted by a standing ovation by hundreds of U.S. Jewish leaders, who gathered to congratulate the Pakistani leader for opening public diplomatic contacts with Israel following the disengagement from Gaza and the northern West Bank.

...The dinner began with two blessings, one Jewish, one Muslim.

...Musharraf stressed that Jerusalem's fate represents the most sensitive issue within any future resolution.

"Nothing is more sensitive than the fate of the holy city of Jerusalem, al-Quds or al-Sharif as we call it. This city is holy to the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims," he said. "Any future settlement in Jerusalem must consider and respect Jerusalem's cosmopolitan character, as well as international law and decisions made by the Security Council."

..."We hope Israel will soon withdraw from the West Bank, a move which will enable the establishment of a Palestinian independent state....."

Musharraf thanked the World Jewish Congress President Edgar M. Bronfman for holding the event, describing it as "an exceptional opportunity."

...The President of the Jewish Congress, Jack Rosen said that "tonight's event represents the outcome of a two-year's effort." Rosen said he discussed the initiative with President Bush several weeks ago, stating that the president was thrilled about it, and said he considered it to be a significant opportunity.

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