16 December 2008

JEWISH JIHAD (21 Aug 2005)

(Another re-post from the former Jewish Jihad)

21 AUGUST 2005

Thoughts Over Shabbat

The following occurred to me over Shabbat:

It occurred to me that in the wake of Rav Nati Ozeri's murder at his Shabbat table by an Arab terrorist, when government officers came one night at 11 pm to evict his widow and orphans and they refused to let them take any of their personal belongings before bulldozing them along with the home (on Hill 26 outside Kiryat Arba) which he had built with his own hands, and took the family without possessions or even proper dress and dropped them in the middle of Jerusalem at 3 am to walk to the grandparents home, and none of us raised an outcry or a protest, that this had "opened the door" to future similar atrocities elsewhere in the Land of Israel.

It occurred to me that when government officers arrived to Tapuach HaMa'aravi with bulldozers and tractors and began violently and against all resistance to dismantle and destroy a brand-new beit knesset, and none of us raised an outcry or a protest, that this had "opened the door" to future similar atrocities elsewhere in the Land of Israel.

When we fail to defend the ONE, they come for the hundreds, and if we fail to defend the hundreds, they will come for the thousands. At some point, apathy, ambivalence, inaction and retreat will put us into a corner where the only choice is to fight or to surrender. It is forbidden to depend on miracles.

A WARNING--- (Yekhezkel 35:14-36:5)

Thus said the Lord [speaking to Edom]...'When all the earth rejoices [over the destruction of Gush Katif---how many congratulatory letters did Sharon receive?], I will make you desolate. In accordance with your rejoicing that the heritage of the House of Israel had become desolate, so will I do to you; you shall be desolate, Mount Seir and every bit of Edom! Then they will know that I am Hashem.'

...Because the enemy has said against you, 'Hurrah! The heights of the world [Eretz Yisrael] have become a heritage for us!'---therefore, prophesy and say, 'Thus says the Lord...Because, and again because there was astonishment and craving for you from all around, for you to become a heritage for the rest of the nations, and you were taken up on every lip of each nation as the subject of people's disparagement, therefore, mountains of Israel, hear the word of the Lord...to the desolate ruins and to the forlorn cities, which have become a scorn and derision for the remaining nations all around---therefore, thus said the Lord...I swear that I have spoken in the fire of My vengefulness against the remaining nations and against all Edom, who have arrogated My land to themselves as a heritage with the joy of all their heart, with contempt of soul, because of Israel's expulsion [note the Hebrew migrasha] in scorn.
---(Joel 4:19)

Egypt [a partner to the crime] will become a desolation and Edom [America, who instigated it] will become a desolate wilderness; because of the robbery of the children of Judah.... [Aza belongs to Shevet Yehudah]

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