08 December 2008

Likud Elections Today

The Israeli system is fatally flawed. Democracy in Israel died the day that Kach was banned. The old-boy's/criminal club holds all the cards and the deck is stacked. The people have no chance of winning until they simply refuse to play the game any longer by the criminals' rules.

When you see the situation in Israel and it doesn't make any sense to you, understand that the Jews have internal as well as external enemies. The Erev Rav outnumber the Jews and they covet the leadership positions whether it's in the government or in the batei midrash. They don't have Jewish souls and at the soul-level they seek the destruction of the Jews no less than the Hamasnik firing qassems at Sderot.

The Vilna Gaon said they were the bitterest enemies we have and that those who do not fight against them would be better off having never been born. It was they who instigated the Golden Calf debacle and weak Jews follow after them. They hijacked the return to Eretz Yisrael that was actually begun by the students of the Vilna Gaon. In the end, they will not succeed. They've already stayed beyond their appointed time as evidenced by the fact that they have begun dismantling everything they built up. They're wiping out any merit they may have accumulated with their own hands.

Good Jews can speed up their fall by disengaging from them. They are from the klipot and their life and strength come only through being attached to the kedusha of the Jews. Without our cooperation, they will shrivel and die.

By not understanding the underlying dynamics, groups like Manhigut Yehudit are actually prolonging the problem, not solving it. Even if Moshe Feiglin won the top spot, which they will never allow, he'd have to form a coalition with the same kind of people. And even if he could pull that off, his hands will be tied from doing anything positive by the constant threat to bring his government down.
NO! The system is fatally flawed and as a good a Jew as Moshe is, he cannot fix it and he cannot work within or around it. IT MUST BE REPLACED! If he will lead all the good Jews to such a goal, then he will be a great Jewish leader.

This system will NEVER bring us to the geulah.Only it's replacement will.

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