04 December 2008


You have to know who they are because there is a mitzvah to fight them. They come disguised as both Jews and Jew-wannabes; as religious and secular and everything in between. They are both right-wing and left-wing. They could be you and me.

Wake up, Jews!! They have deified the state and it's institutions. They won't rest until they have destroyed Torah-true Judaism. They got away with it in Gush Katif and now they are doing it again in Hevron, at this very minute! They won't stop there. Olmert said this morning that he will move all the Jews in Judea and Samaria to the Negev. Soon they will arrive to dismantle and expel from Holy Yerushalayim. No one is exempt from this war!

No elected government will save us because the entire system is infected with the Erev Rav. You think giving Likud another go around in Feb. is going to solve anything?

Netanyahu: Stop fighting at disputed Hebron houseLikud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu called on the sides clashing in Hebron to "stop fighting in the disputed house".

"The dispute must be solved peacefully and pleasantly.
The law and court orders must be honored, and an iron fist must be used if needed,"
he added. (Amnon Meranda)

Wake up! Wake up!!

There is a lot more to say on this subject, but before I can do that there are some other things that have to be said first, G-d willing.

To be continued....

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