18 December 2008

Just for the Record

In 2004, I wrote and circulated an analysis of Daniel, chapter 11. I want to go on record here today as holding to my original assessment---that this chapter describes the End of Days clash between the last three kings of the West and Yishmael. I was able to match current events to every detail of chapter 11 for the three presidents of the USA (the undisputed leader of the West) who have presided over the "Peace Process," namely George Bush 1, Bill Clinton, and George Bush 2.

Consequently, I believe that George Bush 2 is the last president of the United States. I do not think that Barack Obama will ever take office. There are any number of ways this could come about, but in any conceivable case, the people of the United States are facing extremely difficult circumstances within their borders, irrespective of the economy.

Considering how it seems that Hashem gives until the very last possible moment, perhaps the Inauguration will be disrupted and for the sake of continuity, George Bush 2 will hold onto power for awhile longer.

If so, then we could be talking about 33 days left to get out of 'Dodge.'

Given historical precedent, I would also expect the situation here in Eretz Yisrael to deteriorate severely in order to give balance for the sake of free will. If it were perfect here while things are getting bad everywhere else, naturally people would flock here, even some that we don't want, like millions of Gentiles.

It could be a terrorist attack (foreign or home-grown) or it could be a massive natural disaster (Yellowstone Supervolcano or New Madrid earthquake), but whatever is coming, I don't believe you can count on being able to travel. Having a passport is not going to help you if the planes aren't flying.

If you learned nothing else from 9/11, remember how, inconceivably, no passenger planes flew for four days. This was a major warning!! The next time, it might be for four months or four years!

Jews are supposed to come home. Jews need to come home. And stay home!

Somebody is going to be too late. Somebody is going to be the last Jew out and somebody else is going to be standing behind the gate watching him go and wishing he hadn't delayed that one last extra minute. I wish it didn't have to be that way.

Hashem, have mercy on Your children!


  1. The truth is, Devash, Hashem can cut the process short at any time.

    In fact, we know that the prophecy of Achishena (Moshiach being sent earlier than he was originally scheduled to appear) must be fulfilled.

    What's more, Hashem is the Rachum v'Chanun, the Compassionate and Gracious One, Who loves his people. I just don't see how, after the Exile extended to just about the last possible moment, that Our Father would let it conclude with catastrophe.

    I just don't see it.

    And if the Exile concludes, chos v'shalom, as you and others envision, so be it. We in America will try to help and protect each other and accept our fate with love.

    But I must ask a question:

    Why does it ALWAYS come out that the English-speaking writers living in Eretz Yisrael who write about "The End" ALWAYS include very, very harsh outcomes for their brethren who have not yet come to live in Eretz Yisrael?

    Why is this?

  2. No, you're right I meant to comment on this post.

    I'm emailing you anyways.