15 October 2015

Divide and Conquer

3 Marcheshvan 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

This is a very important read. (Click the link to see the whole thing.)

Israel perturbed by the arrival of 3,000 Iranian troops in Syria with 2,000 Cubans

...Until now, Israel had kept under close wraps any intelligence obtained about the movement of the Iranian forces. However, in consideration of the large number of troops, the continuation of the Russian and Iranian airlifts of forces to Syria, and the possibility that the Iranian troops could be deployed on the Syrian side of the Golan, Israeli leaders decided to go public in this latest development.

This is because of their grave concern that Iran may take advantage of the IDF’s transfer of forces from its northern borders to the domestic fronts for quelling the current outbreak of Palestinian terrorist violence, to go for territorial gains on the Golan and the Israel-Lebanon border.

Rav Amram Vaknin: "Woe for the Jews who don't know what is coming from the north."


Violence, Tunnel Attacks Anticipated as Hamas Urges Gazans to Storm Israel’s Border Friday

The IDF spokesperson has said that Israel is undertaking a “situational assessment” in view of the possibility of increased clashes with Gaza Strip Arabs along the border and has deployed two additional battalions from the Golani Brigade, to bolster the two Paratrooper battalions who’ve been stationed there for the past six weeks—all in preparation for Friday’s so-called Day of Rage. An additional two battalions and two companies were being deployed in Judea and Samaria Thursday.

Rav Amram Vaknin: "Woe for the Jews who don't know what is coming from the south."