02 February 2015

An Open Message to (Would-be) Righteous Gentiles

13 Shevat 5775

Written in response to a few "anonymous" comments from gentiles writing with regard to yesterday's post Havdalah (Separation)...

First of all, it's not all about you. You must understand that the world does not exist for you. It exists purely for the sake of Israel. This is the truth. If it's hard for you to hear, then maybe your ego is more important to you than the truth. Each of the nations refused the Torah and only Israel wanted it. Today, if you want to share in this heritage and in this responsibility, Hashem, in His great mercy, allows Israel to accept sincere converts. If this does not appeal to you for some reason, then you must be satisfied with what Hashem has already given you because that's all there is - Israel and the nations. 

There are no third or fourth options. There is NO "fourth house of Israel" called Gerim!

Today, with the internet and the proliferation of books on the subject, a gentile who aspires to be "righteous" has all the knowledge on the subject available to him in his own home. The Seven Laws are very straightforward...

  1. Do not deny God
  2. Do not blaspheme God
  3. Do not murder
  4. Do not engage in incestuous, adulterous or homosexual relationships
  5. Do not steal
  6. Do not eat of a live animal
  7. Establish courts

There is no need whatsoever for rabbis to be traveling to groups of gentiles around the world, staying in their homes and giving regular lessons on Torah subjects. This has come about because what the gentiles really want is an alternative religion to follow - a substitute set of rituals. But religion is an invention of man. Judaism - for Jew and for gentile - is a way of living in relationship to G-d and to each other. That becomes very clear from just looking at the laws themselves.

Gentiles coming out of false religions, have a need to continue communal meetings with Bible study and a "pastor" to lead them like a flock and a "shabbat"-like day of rest. Well, whoever said following G-d and performing His will was ever going to be easy or self-satisfying???

Instead of trying to accommodate the gentiles and makes things easy for them, the rabbis should be telling them that they are being called to a higher standard of life which requires adjustments that may seem very painful at times. Nothing worthwhile in this life comes easily. They should be encouraged to give up the religious structure of Xianity as well as its beliefs. And they should be advised from a distance. There is no excuse for Jews and gentiles to be entering into relationships of any kind whatsoever for any reason.

What I'm seeing among many gentiles leaving the churches is a group of people who desire to "share" in all of the honors, privileges and promises of Jewishness, including rights to our Holy Land, without the obligations or inherent dangers and hardships or any commitment on their part. Well, dream on. That's not the world Hashem created.

Acknowledge your Creator. Hold His Name in reverence. Thank Him regularly for His beneficience. Get married, have children and raise them to fear G-d. Be honest in all your dealings. Treat others as you want to be treated. Do not cause animals unnecessary pain and suffering when you take their lives for human need. Make and enforce just laws to benefit all of society.

And enjoy the life G-d gave you.