17 November 2021


13 Kislev 5782 

The following appear to be the most serious flashpoints, currently, for the outbreak of active warfare on the planet.

However, the last one (below) is the one I take most seriously.  It is my opinion that the conflict between the US and Russia is all staged and scripted.  They are both Eisav, but China falls under the category of Yishmael, even though it is anti-Islam.  Sin is traced back to Cana'an, offspring of Ham (Bereishit 10.15-18).

The NWO is a 'Christian' European (West and East) construct which uses the Yishmaelite nations only to a point after which they intend to destroy them.  They set China up as a supposed partner and then attacked them with a bio-weapon, letting them shoulder the blame for its release.  

The US and Russia are cooperating today to take down China.  Their supposed standoff over Ukraine is just a distraction from what is really about to take place - war on China.  That's what I think anyway.

China v. Taiwan/US/Australia
(h/t Rabbi Richter)


  1. Another reason China falls under Yishmael's half of the world (the 35 nations) is because the Benei Ketura were sent to the east and many commentators say that Ketura was Hagar. Hagar's progeny fall under "Yishmael".

  2. Interesting perspective.