10 November 2021

Jacob and Esau: The Final Battle

7 Kislev 5782

Christianity - in all its forms - is the progeny of Esau.  That is a fact.  And to this day, Esau has been trying to recover the birthright he sold to his brother Jacob.  Here at the End of Days, this battle is reaching its peak.  Seeing that he could not defeat, remove or replace his brother, Esau has resorted to assimilating him until there remains no separate, distinct Nation of Israel.  

We must be particularly wary in these final days of this final battle, because the isolation required of us at this time in history is what is necessary to deliver us to the final, ultimate redemption. Esau, along with all the other enemies of G-d in this world, will do anything to bring us into relationship with them, into joining together with them, whether it is to fight for the freedom and human rights we see threatened by the plandemic, or whether it be in support of Jewish sovereignty and the building of the Third Temple.

They are not us, we are not them and we will never be ONE, but forever separate.  This is by Divine edict.  Separation is the key to redemption and either we will separate ourselves from them or HKB"H will do it for us.  If He has to do it, it will be ever so much more painful [no reason to wonder why antisemitism is at all-time highs].

Following is some updated info for your consideration.  This is Esau at work among us.  Be vigilant, be discerning, be aware, be strong, be true to HKB"H and to His plan and desire for His Holy Nation.

From its very beginning, Christianity had nothing original going for it.  Its only reason for being was as the antithesis of Judaism - its New Testament is anti-Judaism and its Christ was in reality anti-Christ as the word is Greek for Messiah.

Present-day Christianity is nothing if it does not have its own rip-offs from the Jewish world.  Here is the latest...

The Christian Agency for Israel seeks to be the world’s leading promoter in the facilitation of Christian fundraising for the people and land of Israel. CAFI provides opportunities for Christians to bless Israel and the Jewish people living there or in the Diaspora. Working together as Jews and Christians, we are able to accomplish our mission by partnering in projects, activities, and enterprises that are valuable in the work of aliyah and absorption.

A rip-off of the famed "Jewish Agency" to be sure.  As you can see from the above, it even claims to have the same aim as the Jewish Agency - promoting aliyah - but if you read further, you will discover that it is a purely missionary organization which even seeks to include Jews as "partners" to assist with the Christian missionary agenda.  Hashem yerachem! 

According to CAFI:  "God keeps His promises to Israel through Christians...."  And they aren't the only ones making this claim.  Tommy Waller of HaYovel makes essentially the same claim.  Apparently, they believe that since Jews are lacking a relationship with Yeshu, they can't complete the connection to God, ergo it is the role of the "Nations" via the "Church" to intercede on our behalf and act as the necessary "adapter" to make the connection possible.  [See the following video.]

The "many" Jews he speaks of who believe in this unity between Jews and Christians want to tell us that the old ways are gone and a new path is being forged - the redemptive path - which no longer bids us to maintain the ages-old "separation."  And that, in fact, nobody can be redeemed until we give that up and join together with them.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is in the merit of this very separation that we will be redeemed - just like our ancestors who remained separate from the Egyptians.  If anyone comes to you with this mistaken idea, just remind them of the Havdalah prayers we say each and every week...
"Blessed are You, our G-d, King of the Universe
Who separates between holy and profane, between
Light and darkness, between
Israel and other nations, between
The Sabbath day and the six working days...."

As long as there remains an unbreachable barrier between holiness and profanity, light and darkness; as long as there remains a division between the Sabbath and the six working days, Israel, as well, must remain separate from the nations of the world.


  1. Amen to your last paragraph. This is the reason that they took away even the most basic of Jewish education from the public schools in Israel, so the youth could be so swayed towards all the avodah zorahs and tumahs that exist. The American Jew is so completely now assimilated, so they need to make sure that Israel will be even moreso; this is all part of their war against the Jews and the G-D of Israel. R'l, there are so many of our people everywhere who have no idea of what is going on and will laugh in your face if you tell them the truth of the goal of notzriut. The average Jew tells you the notzrim have changed and we can all be brothers, chas v'sholom. The silver/gold lining is that we are right before the coming of Moshiach and this proves it.
    Thanks, especially to you, Chaya Devorah, for bringing this important tzorah to light; as many are unaware of this big problem among all the other tzarot at present facing us. Hashem Yerachem!

    1. It's gratifying to know that not everyone is clueless. 😊

  2. A perfect example of what not to do. You'll know Mashiach has come when the leader of the nation does the most unpopular thing of all - separates Israel from all followers of false religions. No more events like this...

    Bennett, Netanyahu to address 5th annual Christian Media Summit

    Israel will host the fifth annual Christian Media Summit tomorrow in Jerusalem in conjunction with more than 150 news executives and opinion leaders in Christian media, according to the Government Press Office.

    Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, President Isaac Herzog, opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu and a range of other Israeli officials will address the gathering, which will be livestreamed on the GPO website and its Facebook page.

    “We know that we can count on you, dear friends and allies in the Christian world, to stand with us in the fight against terror and to be our partners in the efforts to counter the lies and spread the truth about Israel, as well as to be our partners in promoting the spirit of peace in the Abraham Accords,” says Herzog in a GPO press release.

    Bennett notes that: “In the Middle East, there is only one place that fully protects Christian life, where the Christian community is growing, thriving and prospering, and that’s in the State of Israel… And today more than ever, Israel stands united with Christians, we are brothers and sisters, we are united, and we won’t let anyone extinguish our light.”

  3. https://www.ravhanistar.net/rebbetzinkolodetsky
    please post it everywhere you can, audio of rabbanit Kolodezki about chisunim...the light is coming out..!!!!!!!!

  4. Rabbanit Kolodecki is a doughter of rabbi Kanievski

    1. if I understand correctly rabbi Kanievski is unconscious, and does not recognize people ...

  5. Here is another "Don't Do This" example from the current regime ruling over us...

    Santa sends Christmas greetings from the Golan Heights

  6. Jewish State? It's known that there are notzrim in the army and they are sworn in on their bible. Ochenvey!