20 December 2020

When Is A Vaccine NOT a Vaccine?

 5 Tevet 5781

I was listening to a shiur where the rabbi is going back through all the halachah regarding vaccines and it suddenly occurred to me that everything he was saying was completely irrelevant to the matter of whether one should submit himself to the shot they are currently and erroneously calling a vaccine for COVID-19.

In my view, as a registered nurse, former public health nurse who administered vaccines to infants and children, what Pfizer and Moderna have produced should not be called a vaccine at all as it operates under completely different principles.  Just think about it.

The original idea for a vaccine came from the observations of a physician and scientist that long-term exposure to a pathogen could confer some immunity.  Therefore, he thought to inject into a healthy subject a very weakened strain or actual dead remnants of said pathogen to cause the immune system to react and create antibodies that would in the future protect the subject from a more virulent strain of the disease.

This substance that Pfizer and Moderna have created - the mRNA "vaccine" - does not use any part of the virus at all.   It actually inserts genetic information read from the virus's genome which causes the body's own cells to produce a protein common to this virus in order to trick the body into THINKING the virus is present and, hopefully, stimulate an appropriate immune response.  This is what is causing life-threatening allergic reactions and warnings about auto-immune disorders, etc. - that the body's own immune system will be stimulated to attack itself!!

The only thing this treatment has in common with a vaccine is that it is intended to fight a virus using the body's own immune system - which nature has been doing for thousands of years without their "help", thank you!  They need to invent new terminology for whatever this is, but it suits them to call it a "vaccine."  People will be much less likely to take it if they fully understand how novel and experimental this thing really is.

In fact, at every step they have attempted to pull the wool over the public's eyes about the true nature of this "vaccine's" development.  How many even understand that the FDA has NOT APPROVED this drug!!  They have merely okayed its "emergency use."  Furthermore, they say there is no guarantee of immunity!!!  So then why take it - that's the ONLY reason to have a vaccine!!!  

They are talking about when Trump will be vaccinated.  HELLO!!  Was he not just hospitalized with the disease and recovered?  That is the surest path to immunity!  Why would he then need, only weeks later to take a vaccine?  On the other hand, you have Bibi Netanyahu and Ganz both getting injected last night (nothing but a show) and then being allowed to proceed over to the hospital to visit the sick, as if instant immunity had now been conferred.  Forget the time it takes for the immune system to react and the contagion period to pass and the second dose to be administered.  



So, when is a vaccine NOT a vaccine?  When it is GENETIC MODIFICATION and manipulation!!  Whatever you want to call this mRNA thing, it is definitely NOT a VACCINE and arguments pro and con vaccines are moot.

Be aware that they are quite openly discussing how to manipulate your "hearts and minds" in order to compel you to cooperate in this mass experiment!!

After PM gets 1st COVID shot, a psychologist’s 10 tips to get nation to follow
...[Psychologist Prof. Golan Shahar] believes that whatever the nation’s view of the vaccine is now, it can be significantly improved by the right campaign. Netanyahu’s very public vaccination was the opening act in the state’s campaign, which will include encouragement by scientists, doctors and celebrities lauding the vaccine and leading by example.

It will involve cross-media advertising and a 10-person task force identifying fake vaccine news. A steering committee for the campaign is being formed and is expected to include representatives from Google and Facebook.

...Shahar said the following key points can help bring about higher vaccination rates.

1. A personal example disarms ‘irrational forces’
2. A vaccine is like a bomb shelter
3. Ignore the anti-vax lobby
4. Find each community’s sweet spot, and deploy its leaders
5. Stress that the science is sound
6. After ‘erratic’ pandemic decision-making, it’s time to build trust
7. Caring and driven leadership changes minds, ‘hysterical’ leadership doesn’t
8. A hybrid of traditional advertising and social media influence
9. Remove politics, but deploy politicians
10. No sitting on the fence

Shahar thinks the state needs to stress that while everybody has the right to decline the offer of a vaccine, opting out is an active decision with ramifications for their health and the health of others.

“The message should be that if you don’t want to vaccinate that’s fine, but that’s a specific decision you’re making, and it could have ramifications,” he said.


We have to recognize that what is going on right now is nothing less than Man playing God and using the whole world as his experimental laboratory with all the world's citizens as guinea pigs.  Whether the motives are evil or altruistic is totally irrelevant.

In such a case, we have no need of rabbinical opinions to guide us. All logic, reason and common sense scream to the high Heavens to avoid this shot like the plague it is purported to defend against - a "plague" which 99% of people survive.