"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

27 December 2020


 12 Tevet 5781

Some of you readers might be surprised to learn that it is not at all uncommon for bloggers to receive threats and insults and promises of all kinds of retribution for being on the "wrong" side of this issue or another.  It goes with the territory of being outspoken and opinionated and even more so if you are female and low down on the social totem pole.  Bullies always go for the weak-looking ones.  I have to share the one that came in this morning's mail because it gave me a good laugh...

"You should remove the false data about the vaccine. Gedoli Yisrael said it's a chiyuv.  You will litteraly (sic) have blood on your hands for convincing ppl not to take the virus." 

I'm sure the author, who appears to reside in the States, really meant to write "vaccine" but instead, he made a Freudian slip and wrote "virus" - love it. 

Then there was the comment, also in the morning mail and now published on the previous blog post, which said...

I think we need to discuss the next step. Because a very high percentage of the world population - both Jewish and non-Jewish are going ahead with the vaccine and looking at it like the salvation - what do you think is going to happen next? It's so heartrending to read the comments and furious arguments each man toward the next in regard to yes vaccinate, not vaccinate, one is obligated to, etc. etc. etc. - I think the few who are trying so hard to see the Emes amongst all of this Sheker could use a dose of Chizuk, no?

I agree, so what follows will be my best attempt to answer these questions.

In recent times, we've seen for ourselves a phenomenon that has even been extensively remarked upon across all media, and that is the very great polarization that has been taking place on many subjects across all levels of society worldwide.  Torah sources call this the great "birur" or clarification.  The "middle ground" has virtually disappeared while people choose one side over another - this process ultimately "clarifies" what they truly believe and where they stand with regard to the Master of the Universe.  

In the end, it will determine who lives and who dies and since this is the main subject of whether to submit to this injection they persist in calling a vaccine, even though by every scientific criteria, it is not a vaccine, I suspect we have reached the final phase in the birur process.  The final test of this final phase will be to stand strong and stand fast with the Truth against very great opposition; however, know that even among those who feel they will be steadfast, the pressure will be so great and the doubts which will continue to invade our thoughts as well as the manufactured fear that strains our hearts could so undermine our commitment and resolve that we could succumb even at the last moment.  

In the book  Redemption Unfolding by Alexander Aryeh Mandelbaum and published by Feldheim, the rabbi writes:

...The last 45 days of Chevlei Moshiach will be more difficult than the first days.  The troubles of those final days will move the community of Israel to do complete teshuva, and, thereby, they will be privileged to merit the geula.

...Rav Avrohom Azulai wrote (Chessed leAvrohom, Maayan 5, Nahar 35): "The troubles shall increase as they never did before....   These are the 45 days in the future when Israel will go out of Jerusalem to be in the desert of the nations of the world, just as Lot was displaced during the upheaval of Sedom, when he was not able to save even a small piece of bread, and he was rushed out into the desert.  Actually, the troubles of Israel will be in a very similar manner.  Bnei Yisroel will be dispersed throughout the desert, and all the troubles that Israel ever experienced will not be like these troubles....  There, Israel shall count 45 days...  they will eat only salty roots that they will find in the desert, and then they will all repent there.  Those who cannot stand it will go to the nations of the world, and be destroyed with them.  

For that reason it is absolutely essential to find a dependable source of strength.  Of course, we find strength through words of Torah, through our connection with HKB"H and shared experience with like-minded individuals, but never underestimate the power of Tehillim to restore your soul and empower your faith.  

Rabbi Mandelbaum wrote already in 2005...

The Test of Our Times 

“This is the test that HaShem has propelled us into in the time before Moshiach.  HaShem has brought many Jews back to Eretz Yisroel, and they rule it, and those who have cast off the yoke of Torah gloat as if they have accomplished this miracle with their own powers.  The more their arrogance grows, the more their audacity will burgeon, with ever-increasing desire to force their heresy on us.  This is the last, most difficult challenge of the golus.  The more we recognize this test with all its impact, the better we will understand our task – to strengthen ourselves against these physically-based, false beliefs.

“Those who stand strong against all the heresy – who, rather than being influenced, bolster their belief in HaShem and do not budge at all from the true dictates of the Torah – will merit to see the full Redemption through Moshiach.  To them will be revealed the highest levels of spiritual clarity, a knowledge of real truth – a glimpse of the light of Gan Eden.  For them will be rectified all the spiritual darkness and ‘hiding’ that has so clouded the world since the sin of Adam, and they will be granted, in the end, true completion in this world, and revelation of the greatness of HaShem’s kingdom in the World to Come….” 

...The great technological advancements of the last generation - amazing advances in the fields of engineering, chemistry, biology, nuclear research, and other sciences - have all been used by Edom as they try to assert that they have the power and ability to conquer and rule over nature.  They have used their incredible intellectual achievements to immerse the world in the fulfillment of their wishes and desires.  Today, these technological advancements themselves constitute the greatest threats to the world, for they can be used to manufacture tools of widespread destruction such that our ancestors never even imagined.

Moreover, it is clear that these technological inventions, which, admittedly, are of great help to humanity, are now the greatest sources of terror in the world.  This is because any attempt to change the natural order of the Holy One, Blessed be He, will be revealed at the end of days to have caused irreversible damageWe see that technological advancement itself has transformed itself from a symbol of pride, serenity, and happiness, to a source of subjugation, terror, and fear.  ...Today, it is very clear that the only One we can depend upon is our Father in Heaven.

Written over 15 years ago and it could not be more apropos of the current situation!  As in the population at large, even among the "gedolim" there is polarization on this issue and it doesn't stop at a ruling that one may or may not take this injection, but that one must at all costs submit or at all costs avoid.  Both sides cite to danger and pikuach nefesh.

All that any of us can really do is try our very best to understand the issues and also try our very best to see that important information is available to all, so that everyone can make his own informed decision.  No one can decide for another.  We each have the responsibility for ourselves and, of course, those who are dependent upon us.  

Again, I advise all the readers that all the halachot involving vaccines from the past cannot be applied to this situation as what they are injecting is decidedly and conclusively NOT a vaccine.

Someone brought me a copy of the Torah Tidbits this past Shabbat in which can be found the "OU / RCA COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance."  It follows in the same path as the majority coming out of the religious world.  But, what I found most compelling was this paragraph:

While this guidance of our poskim has addressed vaccine usage generally, the introduction of the novel COVID-19 vaccines required specific reconsideration.  The poskim recognize that the COVID-19 vaccines have been developed with unprecedented speed and are expected to be made available under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  In addition, the two currently leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates are mRNA vaccines which employ a new vaccine technology.

That is to say, nobody there is under any illusions about what is really at stake; however,...

Notwithstanding these factors, the conclusion of our poskim is that, pursuant to the advice of your personal health care provider, the Torah obligation to preserve our lives and the lives of others requires us to vaccinate for COVID-19 as soon as it becomes available.

In other words, all legitimate areas of concern are swept aside and rendered irrelevant by the phrase "notwithstanding these factors."  They will not be addressed, they will be ignored, glossed over, and rather than leave people the wiggle room, as other rabbonim who have ruled that it is too early to tell what risks the vaccine could pose, so people should wait, they eliminate that legitimate out by saying "as soon as it becomes available" - assur to wait!

Now, as to what is coming next...  See here: Possible Leaked Roadmap for the Next Phase of the Agenda and keep in mind that this came out back in October.  However, that's what The Powers That Shouldn't Be plan to do.  HKB"H is working on His own agenda.  I expect we'll know who Mashiach is by Pesach, but that still won't be the end.  It'll really be just another beginning, but a good and happy one!

Look, there is no doubt that this is a very, very difficult Test.  And it will require a great deal of mesirut nefesh (self-sacrifice) to pass successfully.  But, really, all you have to do is look at the situation realistically and understand who is pushing it - ON THE ENTIRE WORLD! - and you'll already know the correct path to follow and the right decision to make.  Put your full faith and trust in HKB"H and He will give you the assurance you need to know if you've chosen well.

Hashem be with us all!!


  1. Isn’t the widespread corruption of G–d’s “creations” what actually doomed the generation of the flood?
    I heard someone attributed this to what’s happening now and likewise as in the gen. of the flood, Hashem will lose patience with this generation and bring it to a halt.

  2. I just thought of something else, in simple terms.
    One relying on a vaccine is the opposite of relying on HKB”H HaRofeh for a refuah!

  3. Guys don't listen to those rabbis who chose the dark side, in ww2, the rabbis also said everything will be fine it will pass.
    Many rabbis are corrupted, erev Rav, fake, that's why they side with the people who want to enslave us
    Listen to real rabbis, who don't put their honor, salary, well being before our lives
    Don't take their poison it is a new Shoah this time no showers but vaccine

  4. Excellent article Devash. It really does seem that there is a great sifting process going on in recent times, and increasing in intensity. The "middle ground" is getting narrower and narrower by the day. We will all soon have to choose a side, left or right. There will not be any more middle ground, or a proverbial fence to sit on. You can't get oil from an olive until you squeeze it, and it certainly feels that we are being squeezed more and more each day.
    Neshama is absolutely right also in her comment when she states that it was the corruption of all flesh that prompted the destruction of the flood. Let us all pray for the coming of Moshiach. Those that haven't really been effected yet by current events cannot see, or even conceive of a need for moshiach, but they soon will. I for one can feel the noose tightening. I walked away from my comfotable life in galut, and all my long term food supplies, arms, etc to draw my line in the sand in the Negev. Because I know that the time is fast coming that I will only be able to rely on Hashem. May Hashem give us the strength and the faith to endure until the end, whatever and whenever that end may be.

  5. Devash and the commenters all have it right. But, to me, it just makes pure common sense that this so-called vaccine has to be 'lo tov'; just the idea of it being rushed, just the idea, that there are simple and inexpensive cures for the virus; just the idea this is not a c'v smallpox outbreak or something of that magnitude that the world should be put on hold and accept what a minority elite cabal has taken authority on the 8 billion world population. Think!!! This is literally playing G-D and that so-called rabbis (Chazal tell us many will be of the Erev Rav) are willing to put the bnai Yisrael in a predicament to allow our people to inject themselves, without the usual years of tests/trials, is mind boggling. We pray for H's rachamim because we are expecting Moshiach anytime now and H' will not destroy the world as at the time of the flood. For the western world to be saved, there are laws that must be rescinded and go back to the Laws of G-D which are for all humanity! Take the perfect advice from this post and put your total Emunah and Bitachon in HKB'H, and use your G-D given sechel to think for yourself and do what is right. As H' declares "Ani H' Rofecha"!
    This evil is the serpent, the satan, the amaleikim, all the sources of evil who have united to undo the Yehudim, Torah, yirat Shamayim, and mankind as we know it. Of course, they cannot succeed, but they can cause catastrophes,c'v. Wake up and cry out to H' for wisdom (common sense) and mostly for our Ultimate Redemption in a blink of an eye!

  6. This says it all: "line up for the Vaccination Showers"
    Jeffrey Prather, CYBERTRAGE! 15December2020
    About Jeffrey Prather
    I'm a retired SOCOM (US Special Operations Command) Soldier, DIA Intelligence Collector, and DEA Special Agent, turned Whistleblower, targeted by the Deep State and fake news! Now your intelligence officer exposing the deep state and fake news!

    What I have on my blog http://jerusalemcats.com are just the facts. I repost articles from news and NGO sites with all the links, downloadable peer reviewed scientific papers and videos. The Covid-19 "Vaccine" Coronavirus COVID-19 Vaccine: Bill Gates “Another Final Solution” http://jerusalemcats.com/coronavirus-covid-19-vaccine-bill-gates-another-final-solution/ other vaccine news Bill Gates and the Rockefeller Foundation “Another Final Solution” http://jerusalemcats.com/bill-gates-and-the-rockefeller-foundation-another-final-solution/
    When I call something “Another Final Solution” it is real. Just read the news items and view the videos if you have a strong stomach.

  7. FYI...

    MK warns of spiritual side effects as vaccination drive continues on Shabbat

    And for what its worth, I don't think the mRNA bit of this injection they are calling a vaccine is the real danger. They do claim that it breaks down after a certain length of time and disappears from the body, but they aren't saying anything about the nanoparticles which deliver the mRNA to the cells. What happens to them? I suggest everyone re-read here at the part where it says Nanotechnology In Medicine: Huge Potential, But What Are The Risks?

    Here it is in a nutshell: ...they are small enough, if ingested, to penetrate cell membranes of the lining of the gut, with the potential to access the brain and other parts of the body, and even inside the nuclei of cells.

    Another is the solubility and persistence of nanomaterials. What happens, for instance, to insoluble nanoparticles? If they can’t be broken down and digested or degraded, is there a danger they will accumulate and damage organs? Nanomaterials comprising inorganic metal oxides and metals are thought to be the ones most likely to pose a risk in this area.

    Also, because of their high surface area to mass ratio, nanoparticles are highly reactive, and may for instance, trigger as yet unknown chemical reactions, or by bonding with toxins, allow them to enter cells that they would otherwise have no access to.

    For instance, with their large surface area, reactivity and electrical charge, nanomaterials create the conditions for what is described as “particle aggregation” due to physical forces and “particle agglomoration” due to chemical forces, so that individual nanoparticles come together to form larger ones. This may lead not only to dramatically larger particles, for instance in the gut and inside cells, but could also result in disaggregation of clumps of nanoparticles, which could radically alter their physicochemical properties and chemical reactivity.

    “Such reversible phenomena add to the difficulty in understanding the behaviour and toxicology of nanomaterials,”....

    Obviously, these dangerous side effects would not show up immediately. Their damage and their effects would not be seen until much later. Based on my knowledge of the science, I think the allergic "side effects" which are immediate are a reaction to the foreign genomic material carried by the mRNA.

    And here is something else. Remember back at the very beginning when there were reports that this virus had to be engineered in a lab because its genome contained bits of HIV code? And then it came out how Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci were involved with HIV research at the very beginning of that "plague"? I don't know who many of you are aware of this, but no one ever dies directly of HIV because what HIV does is destroy the human immune system so that people die of whatever happens along - cancers, pneumonias, etc. And here, with this mRNA "vaccine," it's more genetic and immune system manipulation.

    How to explain the fact that everything they've ordered us to do only increases the likelihood of illness??? Hashem has prevented it being more lethal than they intended it to be.

    Thanks to everyone for your contributions!

  8. I agree about "I think the allergic "side effects" which are immediate are a reaction to the foreign genomic material carried by the mRNA.” Fauci uses his magic HIV in most of the vaccines; its his fraudulent claim to fame way back.

    Poor people believe there will be no more masks or lockdowns, but that’s erroneous, and many more restrictions are to be attempted. However there may be something bigger to get in the way of their plans.

    Great Comments, excellent advice.
    Try to hold out as long as you can, even when they mandate!!
    I for one have allergy and sensitivities considerations and so far are exempt.
    We are COMING TO THE LAST STRETCH (or next to last) IN THIS GEULAH PROCESS, the “Great Reset” is scheduled to take off like a missile January 19 when they have their DAVOS convention.

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgOEVij_BHA&feature=youtu.be
    the police took baby...

  10. Auspicious times we live....Cleave to Hashem!!!

  11. It was a protest and they took the baby because the mother pushed to carriage in front of the vehicles trying to break up the protest. Foolish mother.

  12. Just wondering, how can H' ever forgive the so=called Jewish leaders, rabbis, etc. who in our Eretz Hakodesh push for and even, c'v, mandate, murder of our people. Thought the Shoa was over! This is so unreal; it is surreal, it is bizzaro; it is like we are all in the same nightmare. May H' awaken us from this evil and hasten, k'heref ayin, our Geulah and totally destroy evil/evil doers forever. Amen!!!

  13. you challenged his avodah zarah
    an experimental minimally tested vaccine is suddenly the savior
    now who has blood on the hands?

  14. I know somebody who has by rav chaim kaniefsky this week and rav chaim told him not to get the vaccine