21 December 2020


6 Tevet 5781

I have listened carefully to the words of the rabbis coming out in support of the COVID-19 "vaccine" and this seems to be the overriding message...

A letter from HaGaon HaRav Yitzchak Yosef instructing the residents of Israel to be vaccinated for the coronavirus was published on Sunday.

“I hereby turn to Acheinu Bnei Yisrael in Eretz HaKodesh to adhere to the instructions of the doctors, like it says in the Torah ‘ורפא ירפא’ – from here we learn that doctors have been given permission to heal. And [the Torah] says ‘V’Chay Bahem’ – and Raboseinu were doresh in the Gemara that ‘you should live because of them and you shouldn’t die because of them,’ and it also says ‘V’Nishmartem Meod L’Nafshoseichim.'”

“Therefore, after we have been informed – with Hashem’s overwhelming chessed – that there’s a vaccine that can prevent infection of the coronavirus – and all the necessary trials were carried out and the experts say that the vaccine will be able to halt the pandemic and there’s no risk in it…

“Therefore, each person must be vaccinated according to the instructions of the doctors without delay, thereby preventing risk to himself and others.”

Of course, they quote Torah to back up their conclusions.  Could they do any less and hope to persuade the Klal?  From the very beginning, TPTB included in their plans a need for "faith leaders" to be on board and be used to convince their flocks to follow suit.

The Torah also says "Ani Hashem Rofecha."  And what of the Dr. Mengeles, y"sh of this world???  But, the worst part of this is that the words I've bolded in red above are simply not true at all.  That should be abundantly clear to anyone who is properly informed.  

  • No one knows yet whether the vaccine can prevent infection.  It's all guesswork at this point and they've admitted as much.
  • All the necessary trials were definitely NOT carried out.  It has been rushed and shortcuts have been taken.  Also admitted.
  • Today's big news about the dreaded "Mutation" is already proof that the pandemic cannot be stopped because TPTB don't want it to stop.  They've already told us that this is the "new normal" and that we are NEVER going back to how things were before.
  • And "no risk in it"???!!! That's the biggest lie of all.  Everyone already knows there is risk of anaphylactic shock, among other serious potential side effects.  

Therefore, the basis for this flawed decision is already called into question and, consequently, not to be trusted, as with all other such decisions.

As more and more rabbis, and others whom we've come to trust, come out in favor of taking this "vaccine," we truly, truly have no one to rely upon except our Father in Heaven!!  Trust ONLY in Hashem and He will guide you to make the right choice.

PS: As to HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, they are telling him it is a vaccine and he is responding based on that assumption.  I seriously doubt anyone has explained to him that it is genetic modification of human beings.

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