03 December 2020


 18 Kislev 5781

"Casedemic" is a term coined to refer to the penchant for "Health Authorities" to base all decision-making regarding lockdowns, etc. on the number of "cases", i.e. the number of people testing positive for SARS-CoV-2.  

The public must always bear in mind that this does not mean these people are sick or hospitalized or showing any sort of symptoms at all.  It only means that some piece of genetic material has been found in their system that ostensibly demonstrates exposure to a coronavirus and it can even mean they had COVID-19 in the past and recovered from it.

As no one denies, increased testing will always lead to increased "cases", but that has no actual bearing on infection rate or "spread" of infection.  These "official" numbers are much more indicative of the true situation.

Hadassah Hospital - Jerusalem reports (3 Dec. 20):  42 COVID patients  - 2 on ventilator

Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital - Jerusalem reports (3 Dec. 20):  COVID patients - 4 on ventilator 

Nationwide - 292 hospitalized in serious condition: 99 of them on ventilators

By their own reckoning, these are some of the lowest figures seen in months and yet the "Health Authorities" are still claiming that a third wave is about to inundate us and a general lockdown will be required for Hanukkah.



  1. Sounds just like calif., NY, and the other D states, plus Australia. They have their orders. Induce fear so they’ll want the V.
    But there are other cures so one need not the V. They all lie!

  2. That's the way they've been playing this 'sick' game (pun intended). They want more & more people to take the tests (and we all know by now that they're 98% wrong) because most will show positive and that's the narrative they use for their news. So when 1000 people go for testing and 90% show positive so they'll say there's a spike because they have 900 new cases. Even though maybe five of the 1000 will actually get sick (most just need to take a few days to heal, if they're healthy people. Once they go to the hospital and they put them on ventilators - that's what kills them. They do not want this scamdemic to end! They want to vaccinate the population, c'v, to control them and who knows what. First, they must control the population and in the meantime, kill off as many as they can, so their new 'Reset' can take hold, c'v. This is a repeat of Nimrod and his followers, as history is being repeated, but this time, it will end forever, where the reshaim will be finished off. We pray for nissim this Chanukah in every way. Most importantly, the coming of Moshiach tzdkeinu!

  3. Background information to show the lies and corruption:
    After mounting evidence, FDA, CDC now admit that coronavirus tests are faulty
    Nothing has been discussed about Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes such as taking Zinc, Vitamin D, C and hydroxychloroquine.
    Hospitalizations drop by 84% in patients treated with HCQ, study shows