"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

13 December 2020

Important Information for You and Your Family

 27 Kislev 5781
Third Candle of Hanukkah

The COVID Vaccine Is Here… And So Are Potential Side Effects…

This situation presents for us a dilemma and requires a high degree of wisdom and personal responsibility, especially for the religious public who looks to da'at Torah for guidance.

Tsfat Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu has reportedly issued a psak that the vaccines must be taken and all authorities trusted.

The modern Orthodox Tzohar rabbis allegedly see no halachic problem with imposing "sanctions" on people who choose not to take it through the government's mandated "motivational measures."

On the other hand Rabbi Alon Anava has declared the vaccine to be a bioweapon and suggests in no uncertain terms that no one should submit himself to it.

In light of the fact that not even the mainstream media denies that people who have taken the vaccine will still need to wear a mask and that they can still pass the virus to others, what is the advantage to taking it?  Simply to avoid trouble with the "authorities?"




  1. Some information on the vaccines: Even the the short term researches of the vaccine companies themselves are shwoing around 50% of the tested people developed severe side effects up to inflammations of the brain and spinal cord. There was no test phase for long term damages. No human cell would accept by itself the mRNA that they are injecting, that's why its modified with nanoparticles to be sneaked in through the protective cellular layer. Any cell that receives the mRNA, which by itself is a random non controllable distribution inside the body after injecting it, will be killed by the own immunesystem, bc it's producing the virus fragments, that are encoded in the mRNA. This is then the inflammation, that can happen throughout the bodys organs. This process can lead to immunity against the virus, which is but not proven at all in this vaccinations. The new thing is, that they are not injecting the fragmented virus particles themselves, which never enter parenchym cells (organ tissue) except unspecific immune cells and by themselves have no ability to get produced en masse by the body, ... but your own body produces inside your celluar chambers the specific virusproteins (called antigens) and so they will surely be destroyed by the own immune system. Which may lead to auto immune diseases. Don't get fooled by reports that will come up like: we vaccinated old age home people/young children and they didn't turn sick ... this is bc they have a very reduced immunity and therefore no response to the vaccination. Healthy human beings and people with already auto immune sicknesses should most expect strong side effects, that are accd. to all that is known about the mRNA vaccination highly likely. Pfizer. Moderna and biontech are mRNA, oxford vaccine is a DNA vaccination which is far more problematic and not at all predictable what will happen inside the cellular system. I have a master degree in mikrobiology/genetics and spoke back with a scientist from weizmann institute and different knowledgeable scientist/virologists in europe.

  2. UK Warns People With “Severe Allergies” Shouldn’t Take COVID Vaccine
    By Billy Perrigo
    December 9, 2020 6:35 AM EST https://time.com/5919258/pfizer-vaccine-allergies/?amp=true

    The U.K.’s medicines regulator has warned England’s health service not to give the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to people with a “significant” history of allergic reactions, after two people who received it on Tuesday developed reactions.

    The advice comes just a day after hospitals began administering the vaccine to patients and medics on Tuesday, making the U.K. the first country to roll out a fully-tested vaccine. Other countries are expected to approve vaccines in the coming days.
    A summary of the regulator’s advice, seen by TIME, says that any person with a history of significant allergic reactions to vaccines, medicine or food should not receive the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. It also says that vaccinations should only be carried out in places where resuscitation facilities are available.

    While hospital trusts have been informed, the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has not yet announced the precautionary advice publicly. It is expected to issue a press release later today.

    At a Parliamentary hearing on Wednesday morning, the chief of the U.K.’s medicines regulator said two people who received the vaccine on Tuesday had developed allergic reactions. Those two people, both medical staff, had histories of anaphylactoid reactions and have since recovered.

    In a statement, Stephen Powis, national Medical Director for the NHS, said: “As is common with new vaccines the MHRA have advised on a precautionary basis that people with a significant history of allergic reactions do not receive this vaccination after two people with a history of significant allergic reactions responded adversely yesterday. Both are recovering well.”

  3. You would think by now, most would understand how dangerous the vaccines are, in general, but especially something that had no testing time. It's imperative that all information be given to the gullible and vulnerable public. Thank you for this information, just wish everyone could see it. Surprised that a genuine Rav like Rav Eliyahu would give his okay when firstly, he knows nothing about medicine and secondly, the only conclusion that he would do such a thing is maybe him being threatened somehow; but even that should not make a tzadik give in to the ptb's.
    Why are people this gullible? H'Yerachem!

  4. Just saw a magnificent video on Neshama's blog where a group of doctors from all over the world are telling humanity NOT TO TAKE THIS DANGEROUS VACCINE, not only because it has not been tested but because it has in it nanotechnology that can literally transform the DNA throughout generations, etc. It's a must see and just proves what most informed people should already know. This information must get out to each and every individual on earth! Chanukah is the Holiday of Nissim and we pray that the world be set right once again and that we see the coming of Moshiach tzdkeinu where evil will no longer exist.

    1. Plz google #NANOMAFIA all of you and see the connection. They are now active also in North of Israel. Targets: "charedim".
      May we be freed from now to serve only HaKadosh Baruh Hu.

  5. Another Hanukkah miracle...

    (TOI) Tens of thousands of vaccines scheduled to reach Israel this week will take more time, Channel 12 reports, raising fears that the beginning of the country’s mass inoculation against the coronavirus will be delayed.

    The report cites unnamed officials involved in the storage and distribution of the vaccines saying that a shipment set to come from Belgium on Tuesday has been postponed to an unknown date.

  6. Didn't Israel already receive enough vaccines to do enough damage?

  7. Ms. H - I don't know how much was received, but it is my understanding that the first doses can't be given if there are not enough on hand to ensure the second dose is given on time. Ergo, "the beginning of the country’s mass inoculation against the coronavirus will be delayed.." Someone correct me if I am wrong.

  8. why oh why oh why would any normal thinking human being with an IQ over 10 take this vaccine. H' yerachem that our people in EY to do this to themselves is unthinkable! Is this the continuation c'v of the shoah? Doctors from around the world have given their medical expertise on video to forewarn the masses about taking this frightening new style vaccine with ingredients in it that was never done before. What is wrong with people that they would allow themselves to be injected with foreign elements that will harm them for all eternity because this changes in their DNA and causes damages for generations to come. Please view this vital video and learn the TRUTH about the vaccine and the 'non-pandemic' that was.


  9. I’m a pediatrician vacunologist. With 30 years of expertise. I quit my job in March (a good one) because I am disappointed of the medical sistem. As I said in March. This COVID has no human solution. In fact it will get worst.
    I made Aliya to Eretz a kodesh.
    I only trust in G-d.

  10. Speak of Bells Palsy - i read years ago that some electrosensitives developed Bells Palsy from using EMF-emitting computer screens (with perhaps epoxy emissions as well).

    The Bells Palsy testimonials were either in the book Invisible Disease by Nordstrom, or else in the PDF book "Black On White" by Granlund-Lind.

    So i'd not be at all surprised if those people whom you see in the video, are heavy users of iPhones with bright screens, which could have caused a double-whammy to their systems upon being vaccinated.

  11. To Anonymous 1:41 AM

    Thanks for posting the URL with physician warnings! I've had extreme fibromyalgia for practically most of my life, and it has ruled my life. So i qualify as one of those with AI conditions who should avoid this vaccine. Actually everyone should, not just those with AI and allergies, but I wouldn't put it past them to create a vaccine gestapo to force-vaccinate people.

    I too am shocked at Rav Eliyahu's statement. Seems the Rav is on one side of the fence, while R'Anava and R'Yitzchok Dovid Smith are on the other side.

  12. M.M @8:34 am: Think that Rav Eliayahu says what the ptb's in Israel give him permission to say. That's the 'democratic' way they work, r'l. It's a shame that freedom is becoming obsolete. Moshiach MUST come very soon, or else, it will just get darker until the last minute before his arrival.
    Rabbi Anava in Israel and Rabbi Smith in the U.S. speak truth and a yasher koach to both of them. Truth is what the wicked are afraid of and that's what they are warring against, i.e, G-D & Torah!

  13. To Anonymous at 3:59 PM I read you, but it's still confusing that there isn't a consensus. It could well be that some authorities are harshly threatened, to the point they have no choice but to fall in line. That's the reason why many of Trump's lawyers resigned (I heard this on talk radio, I forget which host.)

  14. To 9:15 PM - wow, the NanoMafia PDF is mind blowing, though I wonder what R' Weisberg, or R'Mendel Kessin might opine about it. (I mean unofficially, because I suspect the topic isn't within the frame of reference of what they prefer to include in their current-events lectures.

  15. i beg your pardon and ask your forgiveness but this ancient israelite autist has NO TIME for morons and idiots. there is NOTHING "modern" about the Zohar rabbis. they are just DUMB. they have NO IDEA what they are talking about. Same for the Chief Rabbi of Tzat Shmuel Eliyahu. NO ONE should listen to them. Do NOT take this Mengele Medicine Vaccine. Chanukah Sameach, Aryeh Yosef Ben Meir