10 December 2020


 25 Kislev 5781
First Candle of Hanukkah

The news changed from hour to hour, which only goes to show that their power only ran out as Hanukkah was coming in.  This is how it appears to me. [See previous post here.]  I hope I am not wrong, but after trying with all their might to impose harsh restrictions on us, here is the final word on the subject...

In its second apparent policy reversal in under a week, the government has dropped its plan to impose additional pandemic restrictions over the Hanukkah holiday, and will instead tighten health rules when the number of daily cases hits 2,500, according to Hebrew media reports on Thursday. 

The decision came after ministers in the so-called coronavirus cabinet protested the plan to ban Israelis from visiting other people’s homes during the evening hours of the eight-day holiday, which begins on Thursday night. It was unclear how police would have enforced such an order at any rate, as they cannot legally enter homes without a warrant.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to scrap the Hanukkah rules following consultations with Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Health Minister Yuli Edelstein, according to Channel 12. Another proposal to impose a nightly nationwide curfew was similarly abandoned earlier this week after facing legal obstacles.

Only time will tell us if they have truly reached their limits this time.  

Baruch Hashem!!  Happy Hanukkah!!