25 December 2020

TEVET: The Beginning and The End of Exile

 10 Tevet 5781 - Fast of Asarah b'Tevet
Erev Shabbat Kodesh - Parashat Vayigash

In this week's parashah, the Egyptian exile begins as Am Yisrael journeys down to join Yosef HaTzaddik in Mitzrayim.  This would, unfortunately, be just the first of four exiles, the last of which is still ongoing!

In a lecture from 2009, Rabbi Mordechai Sitorsky related the following on this parashah:

"The goal is that Asara b'Tevet is turned into a yom tov and Tevet becomes a month in which the geulah should start.  Until now, it was the month that the golus began; therefore, Tevet is the month in which the geulah should begin."
May it be so - right now!  

Do not give way to fear. Know that certain scary things have to happen, but HKB"H holds each of us securely in His hands. And if we do complete teshuvah, everything can turn around in an instant!