06 August 2020

Preparing the Way for Mashiach

16 Menachem Av 5780

I really thought I wasn't going to have anything more to say about this, but in relation to the incredible explosion in Beirut...

Though they protest otherwise, it is painfully obvious that the Israeli regime's unrelenting urging to Lebanon to accept their "help" (they keep turning it down) is just an attempt to gain kudos from the world for their magnanimity and humanitarianism.  Yes, that is how these reprobates think and act.  

This event, coming as it did right at the entrance of TU b'Av, is a huge sign for Mashiach's revelation.  If you read any report on the situation as it was prior and as it stands now, Lebanon is a "non-state" and untold numbers of people are already packing up and leaving.  That land belongs to us and HKB"H is getting it ready for us to take over, but only under the leadership of Mashiach Tzidkeinu, of course, because the State of Israel is also on its way to being a non-state at this point. Every day another threat of new elections; every day another threat to "lock down" the population.  Public confidence is at an all-time low and so it should be!  But all of this is merely the shofar sounds announcing the arrival of our Melech HaMashiach.

This is my take on it anyway.  If I'm right, listen for the sound of the shofar to grow ever louder as Elul comes in.  Whatever befalls us, understand that HKB"H is not punishing us, He is shining us up, removing the last of the stains on our souls so that we can rejoice before Him in purity and in holiness in what may finally turn out to be the Year of Redemption this Rosh Hashanah.


  1. I saw this message complaining about the Israeli leftists and the wicked mayor of Tel Aviv who ran to wave that stupid enemy flag:

    אני רוצה לבקש סליחה מ 654 אנשי מערכת הביטחון, ו-4 נעדרים ו8 החיילים נפלו בשבי ממלחמת לבנון.

    סליחה מ 44 אזרחים, ו-121 חיילים, 2 חטופים
    שנפלו במלחמת לבנון השנייה.

    סליחה ממנהיגי יהדות לבנון שבשנת 1984 עברו טיהור אתני במשך 17 שנה של חטיפות ורציחות .

    סליחה לשלושת חיילי צה"ל: בני אברהם, עדי אביטן ועומר סואעד, שנחטפו ונרצחו בשנת 2000.

    סליחה בפני שני הלוחמים שנפלו במארב בהר דב ב 2015.

    סליחה ל 85 הקורבנות
    הפיגוע התופת בבניין הקהילה היהודית בארגנטינה .

    סליחה ל 6 הנרצחים בפיגוע של המחבל הלבנוני המתאבד באוטובוס בנמל התעופה בבורגס ב 2012,

    סליחה שיש לנו אנשים במדינה שכדי להראות מוסריים תרבותיים ויפי נפש מוכנים לרמוס ולבזות את זכרונכם את כבודנו ולעדות מאיתנו צחוק.

    סליחה, פשוט סליחה.

    לא נשקח ולא נשלח.

  2. israel's offers of assistance are accompanied by way too much bragging and fanfare. How about a quiet offer behind the scenes?

    I wouldn't rule out the israeli government's involvement in the explosion.

    Whatever, it really does seem that we are getting close to geulah. Can't be sure, but wow does it seem like it.

  3. Anonymous@1:09PM:

    YEP! See what they said in response to Tel Aviv "lighting up" the Lebanese flag on the side of a building in solidarity: ‘We’ll light up Tel Aviv…with our rockets’

    But, hey! The Arabs are self-respecting people and they understand how to treat an enemy. We could learn from them.

    They have offers from their natural allies - Turkey and Iran - and the whole rest of the world. They certainly have no need to bestow upon us the positive photo-ops and publicity.

    I did, however, think it illuminating that in the midst of the cries for lockdowns with the virus "out of control", we seemed to suddenly have the capacity to inundate our heathcare system with wounded from Lebanon.

  4. Our government looks pitiful and pathetic trying to negotiate to send aid. Like groveling. Do they really think that we will score points with the Arab world or the rest of the world by doing this?

  5. Chazal say those who are cruel to the kind will be kind to the cruel.

    Toeva avivians are the first to blame religious people for a problem.

    But an enemy state that harbors terror organizations? They run to assist them.

  6. Reply to Anonymous:
    That Chazal that you are quoting is from the Medrash Rabbah:

    כָּל מִי שֶׁנַּעֲשָׂה רַחְמָן בֵּמְקוֹם אַכְזָרִי, סוֹף שֶׁנַּעֲשָׂה אַכְזָרִי בִּמְקוֹם רַחֲמָן.

  7. What an optimistic post, Devash! Thank you so much!