17 August 2020

California-Dreaming Has Become California-Burning

 28 Menachem Av 5780

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A rare August severe storm system rolled through the San Francisco Bay Area early Sunday, packing a combination of dry lightning and high winds that triggered wildfires throughout the region.
The National Weather Service on Sunday extended a red flag fire warning for the entire Bay Area until 11 a.m. Monday morning. “Any lightning strikes will likely lead to new fire starts given the current heat wave,” forecasters warned.
...According to the weather service, the bizarre storm system was being spun into the Bay Area from Tropical Storm Fausto off Mexico’s West Coast.
Apparently running out of cataclysmic events to throw at us this year, Mother Nature decided to reach deep into her bag of tricks and pull out a Biblical classic: swirling hellfire.
The National Weather Service issued its first-ever tornado warning for a twister spawned by fire early Saturday afternoon after a wildfire in Northern California produced a towering, flaming vortex.
While not unheard of, fire tornadoes are some of the rarest weather phenomena on Earth, and meteorologists are saying this is the first time one's received an official tornado warning.


  • Sweltering heat wave leads to rolling blackouts in California 
  • California Braces for More Blackouts as Heat Wave Scorches 
  • Extreme weather slams California: Heat, lightning, wildfires 

And as if that were not enough...

USGS Warns San Andreas Swarm Could Put California at Risk of Big Earthquakes for Over a Week

I actually made it to LA - for less than 24 hours, to catch my outbound aliyah flight.  Saw nothing but the airport and the motel where we spent the night close by.  I find it highly symbolic that I left LA and stopped in New York before ultimately landing in Tel Aviv. That was April 1996 and I never saw the US again.

Here is a blast from the past - one of my faves.  Alas, the "dream" is no more.



  1. Don't be surprised. Horrible things are going to happen to Roma-America after what they are doing to Israel through their puppet Netanyahu.
    There will be few agreements with other Arab countries, everything already planned to happen before the elections of Titus-Trump.
    So called peace.
    The goal: to show that the Israelis are only interested in money and business and are ready to give up their own land for that.
    Kushner said that Netanyahu the kapo in Chief agreed to a Palestinian state. He doesn't want to finish in jail, so he is also doing that treason Sharon style for that reason.
    He has accepted a Palestinian state, there will be one, probably with Jerusalem shared to benefit the Muslims and the Americans will have a part of it.
    The Corona will be used to make Israeli Patriots stay at home by force so they can't rightfully complain.
    Israel will finish to be Israel.
    Only in name. The gulf states will buy everything.
    It is good. We can only go up from that point. Mashiah will come and make them all fail.

  2. He has accepted a Palestinian state, there will be one, probably with Jerusalem shared to benefit the Muslims and the Americans will have a part of it." I wouldn't bet on it.

    1. I hope not, but Kushner said Netanyahoo accepted it. Netanyahu said it wasn't true. But I wouldn't trust him even if he would tell me the time.

  3. We are at the very end of galut, because they've stepped over the line. H' will NEVER allow any part of our Land to be given to any people, let alone, our mortal enemies. The Erev Rav are our worst enemy for over 3000 years when they dragged along with us from Mitzrayim. Seems Netanyahu is following in the vulture's footsteps when he said he never gave away the kever of our King David to the church, but he did. The more vile things get, the closer we are to Geulah Shleimah!