17 August 2020

Forewarning or Scare-mongering

 27 Menachem Av 5780

I think most people feel they have a grace period from now to December - January before the pressure comes down to take a vaccine, so take this as an advance warning.  Probably in September, just  a few short weeks away, we are going to start hearing about the need for the seasonal flu vaccine and how it will be even more critical this year that everyone comply so as to not overwhelm the healthcare system as it coincides this year with the COVID-19 outbreak.

...There is a strong argument for attempting near universal population coverage with the annual influenza vaccine leading up to next winter. (Influenza vaccination in the COVID-19 era, September 2020)
And here are some other things you should be aware of as you go through the decision-making process of whether to take these vaccines or not.  While reading an article entitled America's obesity epidemic threatens effectiveness of any COVID-19 vaccine, I came across the following:

...Vaccines also are known to be less effective in older adults, which is why those 65 and older receive a supercharged annual influenza vaccine that contains far more flu virus antigens to help juice up their immune response.

I had no idea, so odds are good that you did not know either.    

Way back at the beginning of the plandemic, before the censorship got well underway, there were reports that people dying of COVID-19 had all had the seasonal flu vaccine.  Keeping in mind that the traditional vaccine causes the body to launch an immune response as if it is actually under attack, it stands to reason that anyone coming into contact with a similar or more virulent strain in the proceeding weeks or months would be going into the next fight with a more depleted system, rendering it highly susceptible to complications in the next go-around.

But, they are already on top of that as this August 14, 2020 article shows:

No evidence to link flu vaccinations to increased COVID-19 risk, say experts
This comes from the same people who insist people wear masks to a Zoom business conference while sitting alone in their own homes and who not only see no value in taking hydrochloroquine, but who want to insist it is even dangerous to life despite being already 40 years on the market.  The information they provide serves an agenda.  On the other hand, we have this from February 28, 2020:
Preventing a covid-19 pandemic
Flu shots and the risk of coronavirus infections John Watkins is right; we need to think beyond containment, but he overlooks the possibility that seasonal flu shots are potential contributors to the current outbreak. (BMJ 2020;398:m810—February 28)
….A randomized placebo-controlled trial in children showed that flu shots increased fivefold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of noninfluenza viruses, including coronaviruses. (Cowling et al, Clin Infect Dis 2012;54:1778)
...Such an observation may seem counterintuitive, but it is possible that influenza vaccines alter our immune systems non-specifically to increase susceptibility to other infections; this has been observed with DTP and other vaccines. (Benn et al, Trends in Immunology, May 2013) There are other immune mechanisms that might also explain the observation.
To investigate this possibility, a case-control study is in order as we study and care for the victims of covid-19. Influenza vaccines have become sacred cows in some quarters, but they shouldn’t be.
Allan S. Cinningham, 2 March 2020

That is the "Retired Pediatrician" referenced in the denial above.

And who are those most strongly encouraged to get the seasonal flu vaccine?  You got it!  The population also seen to be most at risk from fatal consequences of COVID-19 infection!

It's worth remembering, too, that they can only guess at what flu is going to be circulating in the coming winter.  Getting a flu vaccine is not even guaranteed to protect you from the seasonal flu.  If they guess wrong, which they often do, you could potentially put your body at risk of staving off the "mock infection" from the injection itself, in addition to whatever strain of flu arrives, as well as the coronavirus!

There is an old saying - "Forewarned is forearmed."  It means by definition:  "Prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems gives one a tactical advantage."

Build a strong immune system - God's gift for good health - and Trust HIM!


  1. Shocker! Not even 30 mins after posting this, I got a call from my kupat cholim offering me the flu vaccine. They are starting sooner than I expected.

  2. Boost immune system: stop eating all sugar, and sugar derivatives, fructose etc, and wheat etc, and take chizukit by the hadas company throughout the winter. It totally works. Up the dose if you feel you're coming down with something. Healthy sweet snack, blueberries by sunfrost company (they're sweet not tart) and sprinkle some organic 100% cocoa powder on them. Hydrate, sleep, and give yourself a daily window of at least 12 hours, more is better, without food. Water, herbal tea is ok.

    Before taking any medicine, supplements etc
    יהי רצון מלפנך השם ..קינו, ולוהי אבותינו, שיהיה עסק זה לי לרפואה כי רופא חינם אתה.

  3. My mother, Z'L received this flu vaccine - I believe repeated over the years, she put her trust in her doctors, I advised even then against it and eventually she developed all sorts of maladies, cognitive and endocrine related, in the end she had difficulty swallowing and passed from pneumonia. Even then, this was roughly 7 years ago, it was known of the dangers.

  4. Dovid, what do I think? A lot of useless conjecture with no proof to back it up. Reinforces the official narrative. What could be wrong?

  5. Very sorry, Bluestar. I understand. I also once had a lot of respect for and trust in the medical professions. But, after I became a nurse, I saw too much over my career. Medication errors, incompetency, malpractice, ignorance, dangerous doctors paid off to move somewhere else, over-worked exhausted nurses signing up for too many extra shifts. It was a nightmare.

  6. Firstly, Devash, I would like to point to your last comment here @5:14 pm. It proves what has been happening with this latest scamdemic because we see how maybe half the doctors all over have given in to the scam and allowed so many to be taken from us, all for their greed and power and also nurses have been guilty as there are quite a number of videos with the good ones telling the truth to the world. Sad times!
    Secondly, whoever didn't see that this Covid 19 was a scam about a month or so after it became known as a pandemic, either lives in a cave or has an IQ of....., should be clear enough.
    Thirdly, Vaccines have been known and talked about for decades as being weapons. Rabbi Y. Mizrachi had said in one of his video lectures about a year or two ago that the poisons put into the vaccines are there & show up in about five years or so when all kinds of diseases pop up and yet people put their faith in these medications and the medical profession. Religious Jews have an obligation to never put faith in doctors or anyone except in H' - 'Ani H' Rofeacha'. Thought that should be a given to G-D fearing Jews.
    There are times when, of course, medical help is necessary, but one has to be discerning and think before they give in to what's 'in vogue'.

  7. Why do we not just say that this plague came upon the world directly by the Hand of Hashem? I have trouble buying into the concept that a group of human beings would be capable of organising such a universally effective phenomenom.

    Since the end of WW2 morality has been in steady decline, Hashem was patient until a line was crossed. Within the last few years there has been an open rebellion by much of mankind against the Creator. Nearly 30 years ago Rav Avigdor Miller was asked what we learn from the outbreak of the AIDS illness. In his carefully calculated, deliberate style he responded ‘It shows that Hashem is still in control, ………………. HE HASN'T RESIGNED YET!’

  8. We don't have to be passive and obey to the modern shoah proposed with smiles by our own government!
    The vaccine goal will be to make people sterile. I am sure the haredim will be their main target! They don't want Israel to become a real Jewish country in the future and let the power slip away from them. So the real Jews will be targeted, like we saw already with only the haredi cities closed!
    The passivity of the haredi public can only encourage them to continue with the vaccine.
    Wake up!
    Jews were lions in the past! Don't let them lead you like sheep to a death vaccine!
    They even speak about a vaccine altering the DNA of the future generations for ever. To make them slaves I suppose.
    Wake up!
    One million people or more resisting they will give up!

  9. It is very difficult to follow the commandment of guarding your body and soul from harm in this generation with all of the falsehood around. We are told to follow our rabbis as well with their daat torah but if we feel they really have no idea of the scope of misinformation they are getting from "reputable" doctors and government, then is it okay to not follow the current daat Torah which may be in favor of all vaccines and listening to those in the medical field? I think Hashem is making us turn only to him as even rabbis today can't be trusted to have your health as top priority. Vaccines should be prohibited for a Jew for many reasons but unfortunately the rabbis don't have accurate information and all the rabbis would have to agree at once because if only a few disagree then they won't be taken seriously. For risk of losing parnassa and followers, most rabbis won't even look at the relevant information. I don't think this will be solved before moshiach is fully revealed and clears away all of the falsehood. That's why I daven so hard for moshiach immediately. Every day he delays makes all of this more dangerous and unable to be fixed. It's pikuach nefesh that he comes now!!

  10. Elliott: Everything is from H'. None of us is chas v'chalilah questioning that. But, of course, all the evil that's coming out from evil doers is the way the world has worked from the start. We had Nimrod and his followers trying to build a Tower to Heaven so they can replace G-D, as stupid as that sounds. These evil doers are the ones who wake us up and H' uses them to warn us and as a stick to beat us so that we return and do teshuva. Many people are good people but there has always been a group that wants to control the world; greed and power. They go back to the beginning of time in the Garden of Eden. They became Esav/Yishmael and the Erev Rav who unite with each other to first, go after the Jews who brought the Torah (G-D) to the world and then take control of the rest of the world. Now they reached the time where they think they can make it happen but which will only lead to their own destruction.

  11. Miriam, I agree 100%. If Mashiach is not revealed this Rosh Hashanah, then I expect him no later than Hanukkah. That's my hope and prayer anyway. 'Course, I won't complain if it's tomorrow!!

  12. I personally believe in what Daniel said, which you mentioned in one of your comments to your post from April 2nd, that the star Nibiru will arrive after chanukah, and mashiach will only be revealed somewhat after that. Hopefully, though, you're right about mashiach coming sooner because obviously the sooner the better as Miriam was saying.