"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

05 August 2020

Dollar Collapse Is Coming

16 Menachem Av 5780
We just entered the most turbulent period in US history…
It will be more dangerous than the 1930s, the 1940s, and even the 1860s.
That's because severe crises are brewing on multiple fronts and converging.
The whole system will have a complete reset, and soon.
The coming financial volatility will be unlike anything we've ever seen before…
It could be the BIGGEST thing not just since the Great Depression of 1929 to 1946.
It could be the BIGGEST thing since the founding of the USA.
Almost EVERYONE could lose money in the ensuing economic collapse.

We're in an economic no-man's-land…
There is a stock market bubble, a real estate bubble, a bond super-bubble… It's really an Everything Bubble.
It's the BIGGEST bubble in human history.
That means most investments YOU own are likely overvalued and high risk. [Think your home equity if you are a homeowner.]

In a desperate attempt to paper over their problems, governments have printed trillions of new currency units, brought interest rates to below zero, and bailed out failing institutions.
But those gimmicks have now been exhausted.
There's going to be much less stability of any kind—financial, economic, political, social, cultural, or military—in the months to come.   (Source)

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PS:  I have only this to say about what happened in Lebanon.  HKB"H is looking out for OUR best interests...

"Certainly, this is hardly the time for Hizballah to go through with its threat to punish Israel for killing one of its fighters."  (Source)


  1. It’s going to be crypto currency! As I heard.
    This is all tied in to the vaccine being mandatory.
    No jab, no job, no money allowance, no food.
    It’s just too diabolical to fathom, and we have to find a way around it until Mashiach !

  2. Uncle Sam sat on a wall,
    Uncle Sam had a great fall;
    All the king's horses and all the king's men
    Couldn't put Uncle Sam together again.

    Hedge your investment value, invest in Gold or Crypto.
    See you all on the other side. The new world won't be like the old one.

  3. Neshama, as I understand it, each country will retain the name of its currency so as to make the public more comfortable with it, but it will be a digital currency, i.e. digital dollars, digital pounds, digital yuan, etc. The Federal Reserve will be in charge of all of it worldwide.

  4. Anonymous, no one has yet explained to me how it is practically possible to use gold and silver as currency. Today, an oz of gold - one gold coin - is worth $2000. If you want to buy milk, how do you get change for that $2000 "bill"?

    Here is what I think on this subject. Keep a minimal amount of cash in the bank as one morning you will wake up and it will have been converted into a digital credit which cannot be withdrawn but only transferred, and it will be valued at whatever number they choose to give it.

    Whatever cash you already have on hand should be invested in goods that can be bartered. Think of things that a majority of people are going to need and be ready to exchange with them for things you want or need in an underground economy. Just for example, remember a few months ago when the world was going crazy over toilet paper? How much would each roll be worth, or a whole package?

    In the TV series Jericho which portrayed a small Kansas town after seven nukes were exploded in America, salt was the commodity most in demand. Sometimes, things like this help us think outside the box; mentally play out various scenarios.

    But, after seeing a report on American news about the quickly rising costs (dollar inflation) of food items there and how some people are already going hungry as a result, I sense our time is really growing short.

  5. The changes these (literally, the sitra achra, pure evil) are trying to make is literally against G-D's Commandments and His Law of Nature. They want to turn everything inside out as if 'right in your face' to the Creator! Digital money is everything that goes against the Torah. Only tangible currency is the correct way. At this point, I think every sane person who has faith in H', knows that Moshiach is at the door!

  6. There will always be a day after. Even after Uncle Samkiel falls and the dollar goes the way of zimbabwe money.

    There will always be money, and subsequently there will be value. In the short term, having items for barter might be necessary. In the long term, money will go back into circulation (whatever currency is deemed valuable once the dollar dies). Those who hedge hedge investment value will come out quite wealthy.

    After Edomic civilation dies, the money and the creation of money will never be placed in the human governments again. Fiat currency will be deemed too dangerous and unstable being prone to boom and busts fueled by tremendous greed. Blockchain technologies that are totally decentralized and transparent will permanently unlink money from governments. This is my opinion anyway.

  7. From what I understand, in the Messianic era, we will not be needing money. The world will be ruled by H', of course, through Moshiach Ben Dovid, His servant.

  8. Rambam hilchos melachim

    Chapter XII
    1. One is not to presume that anything of the ways of the world will be set aside in the Messianic era, or that there will be any innovation in the order of creation; rather, the world will continue according to its norms.

  9. Rambam:

    The restoration of the dynasty of David, rebuild the Mikdash (Temple), ingather the exiles, and renew the mitzvot that fell into disuse during the time the Mikdash was destroyed (sacrifices, Shemitta, yovel ...). He says that whoever denies Mashiach’s coming not only denies the Prophets’ words but also the Torah’s. One of the places where the Torah refers to Mashiach is our parasha, Balak. In his prophecies about the future, Bilam talks successively about the triumphs of King David and of Mashiach. "I see it and it is not now" refers to David; "I view it and it is not close" refers to Mashiach. "A star will appear from Yaakov" refers to David; "A tribe will arise in Israel" refers to Mashiach. The Rambam presents additional verses referring to each and substantiates their relationships to the leaders.

    This alternating presentation of the two periods portrays Mashiach as a reflection of the period of King David. This stress in the Rambam’s approach comes to strengthen two of his important theses.
    Firstly, every major idea must have a source in the Torah; the Prophets cannot introduce entirely new ideas alone. The second is that the Rambam accepts the Amora, Shmuel’s opinion that in Mashiach’s time nature will follow its normal patterns. The difference in the period is that the world will no longer subjugate the Jewish Nation. Accordingly, prophecies such as "the wolf will live with the lamb" can be understood only as parables, in that case, of cooperation between nations. The Rambam (Melachim 12:1) says that these parables’ exact meaning will be fully clarified only then.

    Possibly when the resurrection happens the world will then elevate itself to the next level I think the whole messianic process is steps up each way . Not all at once .