"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

15 August 2020


 26 Menachem Av 5780
     Shavua Tov!

Before we move on to other things, I invite the readers to please go back to the previous blog post, Phoney, Baloney Peace Just Another Scam, and read the comments carefully, if you haven't already, to see how "The Abraham Accord" is more about assimilating Judaism into Christianity than it is about either security or economic advantage.  Very important to know.  Through everything, we have to continue to understand that destroying Torah Judaism is at the top of their list of things to accomplish.

And with that in mind, I cringed when I saw this headline for the new week: Before Elul Zeman: All Israeli Yeshivah Bochurim To Be Tested For COVID-19  Unless I've misread, the rabbis have demanded this!  Will they also demand vaccines??!!  

This whole scam has never been about health and saving lives, but it has always been about control of the masses and these ill-informed rabbanim are playing right into the hands of the worst reshaim in history!

I feel like we are coming down the home stretch with Rosh Chodesh Elul just around the corner (Wednesday night).  I've been sitting on the next video for a few days and am anxious to put it out there for comment.  If ever anyone still had a doubt about the scamdemic being pre-planned and carried out in order to gain absolute control over humanity, surely this video would destroy any lingering doubts. You'd have to be a huge believer in coincidence to think the virus just happened along as it did naturally right when they needed one the most.  

[NOTE: 2:27 - 3:30 is a commercial.  Just skip over.]


  1. Wait a minute. When the Trump plan was published back in January, you rejected it completely. You didn't seem to care much about annexation. Now that annexation was dropped in exchange for peace with the Emirates and probably other Gulf countries in the near future, you are still angry! It reminds me of those feminists and SJWs with blue hair, always complaining about something. It seems you are against peace in general or against anyone that improves Israel's situation without waiting for Mashiach. I don't know a single Israeli who is against peace with the UAE, even those who protest against Netanyahu every week. It must be hard to be you, always bitter and resentful, even when something good happens. I hope Hashem gives you and our enemies in Iran, Turkey and the PA even more reasons to dispair when Saudi Arabia sign a peace treaty with us very soon, B''H.

  2. Do you even read parashat hashavua?? EVERYTHING they are ordering us to do is against the Torah! "Annexation": In exchange for extending "sovereignty" over 30% of Yehudah v'Shomron, renounce all claims to the other 70% and help to establish an enemy terror state on it. Even if the Pseudostinians were the most pleasant people on earth, it would still be forbidden by the Torah.

    If you had read the articles I put in the previous comment section like I asked, you would see that this "peace" with a country with whom we were not even at war, and the agreements yet to come, is about securing Christian rights in Arab countries. Helping to build and sustain communities of idolaters is not something the Torah mandates us to do. In fact, just the opposite. Seems to me you are not a Jew or you would know that.

  3. When the Europeans celebrate and applaud our actions that should be a clue that something terrible has just happened to us.

    We are in the middle of the biggest war of our existence as a nation and if HKB"H does not intervene on our behalf soon...

  4. Yes, what is coming is very diabolical. How to get the “sheep” to understand that they are being led into the abyss. How to choose between what your “gut” (meaning self preservation, a G-D given sense) is screaming out to you and that of the “leaders” who want you to go over the cliff???
    Each one is responsible for HIS/HER neshoma, in conjunction with prayer to Hashem and “talking” to Hashem. There is plenty of evidence that what “they” are planning to do to humanity is evil at its core; and how can anyone just follow the masses??
    How could HASHEM want us to become vaccine experiments that alter our DNA. The same DNA that HASHEM imbued in us for our life and the future of life that HE designed. HOW COULD ANY JEW ALLOW “THEM” TO ALTER OUR DNA??
    REMEMBER, YOU SAY “I DO NOT COMPLY” and stand your ground!!

  5. I personally will not comply. I am ready to go to jail and not do their vaccine. If we all are ready to go to jail they won't be able to do their program of death. They can't put millions people in Jail in Israel they don't have the manpower for that.

  6. Google: Barry Chamish, Nachshonim, Secret US base. You'll find the photos on Rense. This is the final solution 2.0

  7. This way of thinking is so unhealthy and completely takes Hashem out of the picture. Not everyone is an enemy and out to get us.

  8. Devash, Samson & Neshama - You are all DEFINITELY 1000% CORRECT!
    First, these rabbis are the rabbis Chazal tell us about that they are from the Erev Rav. At the end of days, MOST rabbis will be Erev Rav!
    Second, Agree totally with what was written above that when the likes of NY Times and the other rags, together with the nations all 'loving' the 'pieces treaty' with UAE, you know for sure that, literally, says it all!
    Third, Anonymous @2:45 am takes the cake. Can't believe someone wrote such an ignorant & untruthful comment!

  9. After reading this excellent post, started to watch the video on it and, to say the least, it is frightening. Their evil knows no bounds! We have to pray for the protection and blessings for Bnai Yisrael and good humanity, but also to pray even harder for the complete m'chiyat Amaleik. This is imperative. We also know H' will not allow these Nimrodians to accomplish their evil goals. We must beseech the Ribbono Shel Olam 'sheyavo hasof shelahem' and that means we need the coming of MOSHIACH TZDKEINU IMMEDIATELY and the world will know that there is only AIN OD MILVADO and that Only HE controls and not these amaleikim, y'mach shmom v'zichrom!

  10. Devash - that *base* is probably where they'll round up the dissidents to. It's a concentration camp.

  11. They're not hiding anymore - https://www.businessinsider.com/us-military-base-in-israel-air-defense-negev-desert-2017-9

  12. If I’m not mistaken, I believe this is another phase in the Geula, with the Yishmaelites coming together first in support of Israel and then against Israel, together with the rest of the nations. Then we will truly be alone in the world and then maybe all Jews will scream up to HaShem to save us. That might be what prompts the sound of the Great Shofar and the beginning of the fireworks of our Redemption!IY”H

  13. Anonymous@3:25 PM: What is leaving Hashem out of the picture is not keeping His commandments. We are not here to coexist with idolatry or God forbid declare false religions kosher for the goyim. This is supposed to be at least one place in the world where Hashem alone is God and His Torah rules over society at large. Accepting anything less is "leaving Hashem out of the picture."

    Furthermore, we did not get redeemed form Egypt until Hashem heard our cries for relief. If we were all like you, no one would ever cry out and we'd just be stuck in this mess that you seem very satisfied with.

  14. Well, everyone has a unique opportunity tonight to cry out to Hashem, thousands will be in Jerusalem to protest the Israeli TV production of the Erev Rav's mocking Torah show: *The Jews are Coming*. They've mocked Moshe Rabeinu, Hashem, the Torah - and Rabbanim are calling to get there to protest, because enough is enough! - BEIT HADFUS 32 AT 7 PM