19 September 2019

The Unity Government Deal of the Century

19 Elul 5779

In the April election, I felt certain that the result would be a unity government...
 "I will not be a bit surprised if,...Netanyahu will reach out to form a unity government with Gantz." (here)
I was surprised that it went to a second election instead.  This time, just when I thought Netanyahu would fight to the end to save his seat, even if it meant a third election or even going to war, lo and behold...

 "A broad unity government is what is demanded of us today.  
...we have no choice but to form a broad unity government."

I sense a double entendre here.  

Back in March, there was speculation that a new election was going to provide a mandate for the "Deal of the Century," and would prevent any opposition from going to new elections to prevent it after the fact (since an election had just taken place).  A unity government would have clinched it.  But, for whatever reason, a historical decision was made to go to another election. 

What seems likely to me is that Netanyahu was using the same delaying tactics that have served him so well in dealing with the PA, and The Powers That Be were unimpressed.  Therefore, this time they trotted out the tried-and-true method for controlling politicians who think they can defy their "bosses"...

Israel Election Results: With Indictment Around the Corner, Netanyahu Is at the Mercy of the Attorney General

And just in case Gantz were to get any bright ideas...

On Israel's Election Day, Dutch Court to Hear War Crimes Case Against Benny Gantz

If that was not pressure enough, the really big gun was brought out for show...

Two Days After Israeli Election, Trump Yet To Call Netanyahu

Trump says he hasn’t spoken to Netanyahu: ‘Our relationship is with Israel’

Now we know why Eli Yishai was sidelined, why Feiglin was eliminated and why Otzma's votes were destroyed.  Nothing can be allowed to stand in the way of this "Peace" Deal going through at this stage - nothing!

How appropriate is it that this photo-op took place at a memorial for Shimon Peres, y"sh, at Har Herzl today? (Source)


  1. Edging, edging, edging - all I see from this is Rome and the sanction from the Vatican. That's all that can come from this.

  2. This is The Plan - this "Deal of the Century" - and they are in a big hurry to settle this election mess and get on with implementing it. They are extremely tired of waiting. However, they discount Iran to their detriment. I believe Hashem will use Iran to stop them.


    US mediator Jason Greenblatt is expected to arrive in Israel on Thursday and the Prime Minister’s Office said he will meet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Greenblatt is also expected to talk to Blue and White head Benny Gantz during his visit.
    Netanyahu said in the last week of the election campaign that US President Donald Trump’s peace deal will be released within days of Tuesday’s election. The Jerusalem Post has learned, however, that there are voices within the administration saying that the plan will not be released until after a government is formed.

  4. It's just so over the top nonsensical at this point. They won't form a *government* everything will fall to pieces, war will break out, no leadership, it will be mayhem - and then when all hope is totally lost - then Moshiach. So, hold tight.

    1. Bs''d
      asked who is it...just by quick search:
      they use the word of ascension with the year 2020 and are planning to make one them self while serving the gilgul of the son of Shlomit.
      Good smell! you smelled it! i saw your comment somewhere...
      What they want is our email addresses en contact to pretend to be one of us, au, Essau did not change!

  5. Be"D you are right.

    Gantz's shtick was just not BN so he's going to have a hard time with his party. A so called unity govt also means the Arabs are the leader of the opposition. The upside is that Liberman is out. We would never have been in this mess if the Jewish Agency hadn't brought over a whole load of non-Jews who support YB. The right wing bloc easily outnumbers the so called centre-left sans YB.

  6. Peace envoy on its way - we all know what that means - https://www.timesofisrael.com/trumps-outgoing-peace-envoy-heads-to-jerusalem-will-meet-netanyahu-gantz/

  7. Boy, somebody is really seizing the opportunity to do a hatchet job on Netanyahu...

    Tillerson: Netanyahu would provide Trump with ‘misinformation’

    US President Donald Trump’s first secretary of state Rex Tillerson calls Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “a bit Machiavellian” and laments that he had tried to persuade Washington using “misinformation.”

    Speaking on a panel at Harvard University Tillerson calls Netanyahu “an extraordinarily skilled” politician and diplomat, albeit “a bit Machiavellian,” the Harvard Gazette reports him as saying.

    “In dealing with Bibi, it’s always useful to carry a healthy amount of skepticism in your discussions with him,” Tillerson recounts adding that Israeli government would share “misinformation” in an effort to convince Trump that something was necessary.

    “They did that with the president on a couple of occasions, to persuade him that ‘We’re the good guys, they’re the bad guys.’ We later exposed it to the president so he understood, ‘You’ve been played,’” says Tillerson. “It bothers me that an ally that’s that close and important to us would do that to us.”

  8. I don't think it was so much that people wanted to go left as that everyone is just sick and tired of "Bibi" after 14 years!

    1. I meant to say, including those who didn't pass the threshold, would make the actual proportion even higher.

      And as for all the blaming going around on the right, if even a minority of frum Jews made aliya, say just 200,000, the demographics would be in our favour. End of.

    2. Bs''d
      Shavua tov lekulam.
      This is a good point Elisheva.
      When i was in my twenties, a Rabbi told me that if all the religious people that really live TARYAG come back to ERETZ YISRAEL, that's the moment all the fakes, erev rav en none JEWS will run out by connecting our KDUSHA. Same way as a cat run away from water....and this is the CHUTZPA of the galut, staiyng in it, while we can come back, straight in face of Hashem Yitbarah and reason goiym hate JEWS in Galut now. Because deep down everyone knows that all their existence depend on us.

  9. This entire balagan is to cause the fabric of Bnei Yisrael to be divided. Instead we have to now submit to complete Acdhut. In Achdut there is victory for Clal Yisrael. Remember what shadows do, they play with your perception of reality.

  10. Such a guessing game. I've stopped trying to figure out which way it's going to fall...

    Results aren’t even official, but already nightmare 3rd election scenario looms

    If Netanyahu sees it as his last hope, and Gantz thinks he’ll emerge from it stronger, Israel could gradually slide toward the outcome everybody professes to want to avoid