01 July 2019

Climate Change was Prophesied

28 Sivan 5779

On May 29th, I wrote a blog post called 13 Straight Days!!  about an ongoing weather disaster in the United States.  Thirteen straight days had seen a daily outbreak of multiple tornadoes and historic flooding across a large swathe of that country which was not only destructive of property but which was preventing this season's crop planting.  Until today, July 1st, there has been no let-up...
Crops Devastated As More Ferocious Storms Pound The Midwest: "Hard To Get Your Head Around Just How Bad It Is"

It has gotten to the point where maybe we should just expect violent storms to hammer the Midwest every single day of the week. Highly destructive storms ripped through the Midwest on Tuesday, it happened again on Wednesday, and the forecast calls for more powerful storms on Thursday. This growing season has been a complete and utter nightmare for U.S. farmers, and each day it just gets even worse. Millions of acres will not be planted at all this year, but an even bigger problem is that fact that crops are dramatically failing on tens of millions of acres that were actually planted in time. Every major storm does even more damage, and that is why what we have witnessed so far this week has been so alarming.

For example, on Tuesday the middle of the country was absolutely pummeled by “more than 120 damaging storms”….

...Recently, Missouri farmer Kate Glastetter told one reporter that her fields “are washing away” and that they currently resemble “lakefront property”….

...This is happening in state after state, and it is truly a disaster unlike anything we have ever seen before. In fact, one agricultural expert told AgWeb that it is “hard to get your head around just how bad it is”….

Farmers are being financially destroyed all over the country,....

Shocking Before And After Photos Reveal The Truth About The Widespread Crop Failures The U.S. Is Facing In 2019
And it's not just America. It's a worldwide phenomenon...
Look At This Map – It Shows Devastating Crop Losses Are Literally Happening All Over The Globe

Mexico: Freak storm buries Guadalajara in 2-meter deep hail

New Global Rain Cycles Emerge: Africa vs USA Flood Damage


  1. If there is such agricultural devastation thru out the world , then why are corn, soy and wheat prices selling at multi year lows? Prices are lower by 50 to 65% !!!!

    I'm a commodities trader, and price says everything. In other words....we're not even close to a shortage (of course, Hashem could change that in a blink of an eye, chas v' shalom).

    If I had to take a guess...1) There is such a large inventory of grains, that thru the media, governments are trying to artificially raise prices. And that plays into... 2) All these videos and "news" is being generated by the Climate change elite globalists.

    If you speak to farmers in the midwest, for example, they're faced with increased overseas competition (subsidies from govts,etc)

    If you listen to the liberal news outlets...climate change has devastated our crops for years to come. That climate change is the enemy, not Iran,etc.

  2. There is a definite change in the global climate. We know the earth is off its axis and other things but this is part of the natural cycles of the world and there has to be changes now as we have reached the pre-Messianic age. These changes are the works of Hashem!

  3. possible punishment or warning to the gov

    Trump Working on Secret Trade Deal to Ease Expenses on US Exports for Israelis - https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/131790/trump-trade-deal

    A trade deal that is being worked out in secret between the Trump administration and the Israeli government may make some food items cheaper for the Israeli consumer. However, it could also hurt Israeli farmers.

    A report in The Marker claimed that U.S. officials have been negotiating a trade deal with Israel’s Agriculture Ministry and the Israeli Treasury. The Israeli ministries refused to comment to the press or reveal the details of the ongoing negotiations with their U.S. counterparts.

    “We’re not interested in responding because the release to the public of any of the particulars during the negotiations would hurt the interests of the State of Israel,” the Agriculture Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

    The report claimed to have obtained a document outlining the U.S. demand to ease the tariffs pertaining to 40 categories of products, of which 15 are agricultural. On the list of American-made products Israelis may soon become familiar with are California wines and butter produced by New Mexico cows.

    The U.S. wants to import 13,000 tons of apples annually. The annual consumption of apples in Israel is approximately 135,000 tons, of which 3,000 tons are already imported from the United States. Not only will this be detrimental to Israel apple farmers but it will also cut into tax revenue.

    The United States is demanding that it be allowed to import 10,000 tons of cheese per year, exempt from customs duties. For comparison, a total of 6,000 tons of hard cheeses were imported to Israel in 2018.

    Israel currently imports 300 tons of duty-free butter from the United States. The U.S. would like to see that amount rise to 850 tons. About 6,000 tons of butter is consumed in Israel annually, and half of this quantity is already imported.

    The U.S. would like to import 600,000 liters of wine to Israel with a full exemption from customs. In Israel, about 30 million liters of wine are consumed annually.

    Other affected food items will be pears, carp, almonds, chickpeas, and potatoes. The deal will not only threaten local growers but is also expected to drastically decrease revenues from import duties.

    Israeli farmers can currently export however much they want to the United States without paying import duties to the U.S. but that arrangement is not reciprocal. American agricultural imports to Israel are controlled by quotas, as are all agricultural imports to Israel.