23 July 2019

A World Divided - A World United

20 Tamuz 5779

The world consists of seventy nations equally balanced between two opposing forces - 35 are under the influence of "Eisav" (Christianity) and the remaining 35 are under the influence of "Yishmael" (Islam).  Above them stands the unique "all-inclusive" nation of God - Yisrael.  Only Torah Judaism unites all mankind in the service of God - each in their own God-given space.

Christianity says you have to become a Christian in order to approach God.  Islam claims you have to become a Muslim in order to rightly relate to God.  Only Judaism says everyone has his own designated path to knowledge and service of the Creator in accordance with the directions contained in the Torah - God's own revelation of His will to mankind.

Here at the End of Days, the time has come for the two Dividers of the world to cancel each other out, leaving Yisrael as the Divinely ordained leader of a world united in submission to the King of the Universe.
Peace Is About To Be Taken From The Earth, And World War 3 Could Literally Start At Any Moment

...A full-blown war with Iran would be the stuff that nightmares are made out of, and it would unleash death and destruction on an unimaginable scale all over the planet. Perhaps it is already too late to stop what is going to happen,....
Many of the survivors of WW3, particularly the ruling elite, will not want to live in a world under the rule of God's representative - Mashiach Tzidkeinu. They will say to each other, "Have we not thrown off religious rule? Is it not religion which has been the cause of all the world's problems, and don't all religions have their source in Judaism?  Now that we have endured so much to eradicate it forever, will we sit by while Yisrael brings us under one yoke?"

Then will come Gog uMagog.


  1. Yes there is a balance/tension between the nations of Esau and Yishmael, but not sure where the idol-worshiping far eastern nations are on the map.

  2. Yes. I think so. Wish it could happen another way without all this. But it seems less and less likely with each passing hour.

  3. Yes, I've definitely noticed with increasing alarm that tensions between N. Korea and S. Korea and Iran and the like are heating up.Capture of British tanker etc....Three Weeks....