30 June 2019

Every Wall Has Been Breached

27 Sivan 5779 

Everything holy in our land and in our communities has been tainted by the foul touch of Eisavian culture.  I was horrified to read this and my stomach turned as I read it.  This is NOT Chareidi and it's NOT modest!!!

...“There is still so much room for increased involvement of the haredi community in the world of social networking,” claims [Oshrat] Eitan, “and this is bound to alter our world for the better. Social networking has made fashion more accessible for our community. Haredi women bloggers are such an inspiration for their followers. They teach them all about the world of fashion and explain to them how to use clothing as a means to achieve a certain look and to make them look more fashionable.”
Unfortunately it's also NOT that unusual. Hashem yerachem!!

Yeshayahu 3.16-24...

And the Lord said: Because the daughters of Zion are haughty, walking with outstretched necks and winking eyes; walking with dainty steps, jingling with their feet; therefore, the Lord will afflict the heads of the daughters of Zion with lesions, and Hashem will bare their private parts.

On that day, the Lord shall remove the splendor of the shoe-bells, the head scarves, the moon-shaped ornaments, the necklaces, the bracelets, the veils, the bonnets, the leg bands, the hair-ties, the brooches, the earrings, the rings, the nose rings, the robes, the shawls, the kerchiefs, the pouches, the mirrors, the linens, the turbans and the clasps
And it shall be that in place of fragrance there will be rot; and in the place of the belt, abrasion; and in the place of coiffure, baldness; and in the place of the ornamental belt, a belt of sackcloth; a burn in the place of beauty.
If people see nothing wrong with their acts, how can they ever do teshuvah?  Where are these women's husbands???  Where are their rabbaniot???


  1. Don't even get me started on the "evolving" definition of Haredi.

    Not so long ago, we had "American Haredi" who were not necessarily American and certainly Haredi, maybe "Haredi-light." (Yeah, I know. It's not a nice term.)

    So, who says these women are Haredi, really? Hmm...

    I think another problem is "rabbaniot." I know you didn't mean it this way. But, this is not, or shouldn't be a title, save for wife of the rabbi.

    See Rebbetzin.

    1. I was referring to the wife of the rabbi, but I use the Sephardi Rabbanit rather than the Ashkenazi Rebbetzin. What is the plural then of Rabbanit?

  2. You are correct, both in grammar and in meaning.

    I'm saying that unfortunately, most other Jews these days, including some haredim, are NOT using the term correctly.

  3. We should stop using the word "Haredi." First of all, there are very few Haredim in the world. What is the shoresh of Haredi? Yirat Shamayim. Secondly, it's based purely on dress code. You dress like this...you're Haredi. You dress another way...you're dati leumi. What? This one has yirat shamayim and this one does not? The terminology is meaningless. And thirdly, perhaps more importantly, it has become a pejorative term that the secular and even other so-called religious Jews use against an entire segment of the Am. I prefer Torah observant, not yet Torah observant or just plain ole "Yid."

  4. It's interesting you should say this. When my daughter, now 23, spent her post high-school year in seminary in Har Nof, she went in having a very negative view of "Haredim" because of what she had heard in American media. When she got there and was faced with spending a Shabbos with a Haredi family, she was shocked to find out they were just like us! She has a whole new view of the word now.

  5. The trouble with our people is that they're always finding fault with our own but not with our real enemies. Torah Jews are just that, no matter what supposed segment they're part of. Instead of finding fault with 'chareidim' or any Torah Jew (really meaning like Gavriella wrote 'yirei Shamayim'), unite to fight the wickedness within our midst - the excessive and insane immorality, the desecration of the Shabbat and allowing missionaries in the Land, etc. If these problems would be addressed and something done about them, then the outside enemies (including the Erev Rav from within/without) would somehow disapppear because H' sees we are doing our part, HE will take care of the rest.