03 July 2019


30 Sivan 5779
Rosh Chodesh Aleph

In this case, the US is the United States and WE are the "THEM."

You have to have a very strong stomach to read current events these days.  Such a sickening diet of news!  Not the least of which today is the "celebration" of the 4th of July in Jerusalem.  Did you know that the original signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 was the 17th of Tamuz on the Hebrew calendar - a date signifying disasters for the Jewish nation?

[VIDEO beginning at 2:53:54.]

At July 4 party, Netanyahu says he’ll keep ‘open mind’ on Trump peace plan

Addressing the hundreds of guests before Netanyahu, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman called the event, held in capital’s International Conference Center, “one of the preeminent 4th of July parties in the entire world.”

Both Netanyahu and Friedman noted in their speeches the significance of it being the first time in history that the United States celebrated its annual Independence Day festivities in Jerusalem.

The US envoy went as far as describing the event as a “historic gathering.”
It's reminiscent of the times of Hyrcanus II.  Only the Roman eagle has been replaced by the American eagle.  (Nazi Germany also had the symbol of the eagle.)  Imagine the marines as Roman centurions bearing Roman standards and you'll have some sense of how this affects me personally.

And this comes not long after I saw an equally sickening video of the PM and his wife at a missionary organization's contrived "celebration."

Of course, Friedman was there, too, as well as prominent Dominionists Jim Garlow and his fraud-for-a-wife Rosemary "Schindler" Garlow just behind them. Note in the photo above the linkage of the American and Israeli flags.  This Mike Evans* - a life-long missionary - is also notable for creating the JerUSAlem signs seen around the capital, as well as signs proclaiming "Israel's" appreciation and support for President Trump.

This is so typical of Eisav - the recognition of the individual and the giving of kavod with awards and celebration for individual achievement (which is, of course, the advancement of Eisavian values and ideals!)  This is part and parcel of the elevation of SELF to godhood, God forbid!  And this is the new world religion which has a place for everyone - even the Jew - as long as they worship the new god and not the old one.

Jerusalem is the place where the "old" God placed his name, where Israel built for him a Holy House where HE and HE ALONE would be exalted and praised and worshiped!!  And in the manner that HE prescribed, not in the way that seems right to mankind. Jerusalem was (and remains to this day!) to be the place where mankind comes to acknowledge the sovereignty of HKB"H!!  Whoever comes with any other agenda is an enemy of God and would have been better off if he'd never been born!!

WE are the THEM - the OTHER, the IVRI!  The ones who will never bow - not to the Egyptian gods, nor the Babylonian gods, nor the Greek gods, nor the Roman gods nor their present-day incarnations - the Western Civilization gods of tolerance (for evil), inclusion (of filth), assimilation (abandonment of our unique chosenness), democracy (rejection of God as King) and EGO - SELF aggrandizement!

These so-called "Jews" who are so attached to Edom, can be compared to the animal which represents Edom.  They resemble the swine in that his kosher sign is purely superficial.  It's all about the the 'uniform' - like Trump wrapped in a tallit - God help us!  This is the swine sticking out his cloven hoofs.  But, if you care to look closely, you can observe that the swine does not bring up his cud.  His pretense of being kosher is incomplete and therefore, he is treif!
* Mike Evans - "Evans is a Christian Zionist.  ... he headed B'nai Yeshua, a ["Messianic"] Hebrew Christian group....  Recent articles continue to simultaneously praise him for his pro-Israel activism but warn of a possible hidden agenda to convert Jews in Israel to Christianity or Hebrew Christian beliefs."

In undated photo with Binyamin Netanyahu...

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