17 June 2019

Why Do Schools Continue to Put Children at Risk?

14 Sivan 5779

The Arab who perpetrated the massacre at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshivah was also an employee and how many more that we don't know about?  It happens over and over again!  
Ben Gvir: Arab Who Abused Seven-Year-Old Deserves Death Penalty

An Arab who kidnapped and abused a seven-year-old Jewish girl from a town in the Binyamin region should be given the death penalty, said Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir, one of the attorneys who will be representing the family of the victim in court.
What I want to know is, what should be the penalty for those who hired the Arab to work in the school where he "befriended" this child!? 

Jewish parents warn your children!!  Do not trust any Arab at all!!!  Do not have conversations with them.  Do not even respond to any overture from them.  Keep as much distance from them as is possible.

We are at war and they are the enemy.  Teach this to your children diligently!! 


  1. SHOCK: Chareidi School Employs Arab Janitor Who Assaults 7-Year-Old

    An educational source told Chareidim10 News: “Just how right they were that they were constantly shouting against the employment of Arabs in Jewish places. Who thought of bringing an Arab into an educational institution for girls? Who let it go?”

    He added that it is also a duty for parents and educators to educate children to cope with the temptation of sweets. “It must be emphasized to children over and over that it is forbidden to take candy from anyone – certainly from a stranger”.

  2. What is wrong with chareidim that they would even for a moment contemplate hiring an aravi, especially in 'schools'? There should be a law against hiring any Arab in israel proper! They are the fifth column, the enemy within. When, oh when, will the reign of the Erev Rav come to an end? All observant Jews must unite for this reason alone to protect the Jews and bring Yiddishkeit to the Jewish Land. Capital punishment must be meted out to this subhuman who did this horrific crime on an innocent Yiddish kid, H' yerachem!