20 June 2019

Israeli "Apartheid" Government

17 Sivan 5779

JEWS are second-class citizens!!!!

Rav Richter on Destruction at Tapuach West Hill

Meantime, twenty years + after the process to evict these land squatters and water stealers started winding its way through the Israeli court system and MONTHS after the HIGH COURT upheld the eviction...

Netanyahu Postpones Evacuation of Khan Al-Ahmar to Please US


The State of Israel requested a postponement for the evacuation of the city of Khan al-Ahmar another six months.  The community petitioned the High Court for a sixth time, demanding the state explain their initial decision making.  The State submitted a postponement until after December 16, due to the dispersal of the Knesset.
To top it all off, this is today's headline...
Source: Police may drop charges if no movement on rape case
Investigators apparently believe there is a connection between Palestinian suspect and his alleged 7-year-old victim but are beginning to question validity of case; source says investigation never saw this as nationalistic crime
The nation was in shock at this horrendous crime, to say the very least, but the government was equally shocked by the public expression of outrage.  Anti-Arab feelings are not productive for the "peace process" so the fire has to stamped out quickly and this is their way of doing that.  

No doubt this is also on orders out of the American Master as just everything is.

US 'deal of the century' delayed until 2020: report

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  1. Well, doesn't it make sense to expel Jews in the Jewish state? Especially since the Oslo Accords, we have been living in the world of Chelm! You treat your fifth column and any enemy with kid gloves and respect them, reward them, etc., etc. The Jew who becomes the real victim here is naturally ostracized, arrested, harrassed and, of course, expelled from his home! The world of Chelm! There's only one silver lining and that is - it has to be the era just before Moshiach or oyvavoy!