13 June 2019

"Who Will Fight the Mashiach at the End of Days?"

10 Sivan 5779

Ask yourself who really controls Hamas when they appear to be turned on and off at will.  All quiet for Eurovision, but as soon as election campaigning begins, they start up again.  Ask yourself who benefits from Hamas actions and you'll have your answer to the first question.

There is no limit to the evil acts of the Erev Rav!


  1. Bs''d

    Know this video from a time ago....
    I got 3 situations in the last years where the encounter with the erev rav was more then clear.
    There where 2 groups of 'Jews' that wanted me to bow to their mashiah, a dead Rabbi. When i refused with points from the Torah who can be and who cannot be mashiah, they where like monsters wanting to kill me. Some official ways where used to make it clear to me...
    In other situation i was asked to 'shut up' about the issue of TZNIUT and the pea.
    In the last situation when asking my brothers and sisters to come back home i got email calling me ALIYAH TERORIST.
    What was totally absurd.
    Until i understood that certain group signed for the JEWS there to keep them there as blood donors and worse...
    Their representatives made it clear that no one is allowed to come back to ERETZ YISRAEL, and their mashiah will take them back.
    Then i remembered what my grandmother told me about her grandmother.
    No one was allowed to go to Kamenecko....KAMEN=STONE
    The place was so evil, that no Jew could go there..
    You would think its place of goyim, but it was place of kofrim and they where so sadistic against us, Jews, for keeping the whole Torah and longing for ERETZ YISRAEL that it was danger of dead to come to that place of 'JEWS'.
    We are seeing now very great BIRUR and as it is said, nothing between, just evil=totally, or totally TZADIKIM. We are in this time, in this generation.
    Fear no evil, it is also from Hashem!
    We can take a stand, we can pray, we can give TZADAKA...
    and wait....almsot there...

    1. I got the same reaction of hate from our American relatives concerning the "Pride Parade" in Jerusalem. They could not understand why we objected to the "Pride Parade" and called us names.