12 June 2019


9 Sivan 5779

The media is currently filled with articles and reports about backbiting and in-fighting among right-wing Israelis and political parties, along with the urgings of various politicos, rabbis and communal leaders to cease and desist in such counter-productive actions and "UNIFY."

But, it's not going to happen, because Am Yisrael is being reduced, through one birur after another, to its lowest common denominator - the Holy Torah which is our marriage ketubah with HKB"H!

This and this alone unites us!!

Anyone who thinks or declares publicly that right-wing politics or the settlement enterprise or anything similar is a basis or cause for unity with those who despise, denigrate or simply ignore this Holy Covenant is deluded, deceived or are themselves depraved.

The government IS going to pass to Mashiach Tzidkeinu and when it does, only those who want to live in accordance with the Law and Will of the Creator will remain.


  1. Amen! Ken Yehi Ratzon b'mheira b'yameinu!

  2. Obviously you don't have to publish this question as it doesn't relate to this post, but I was just wondering why you removed the previous post, Amazing If True? Did you find out something to indicate it wasn't true?

    1. No, I did not find out something to indicate it wasn't true. What happened was I did not find out something to indicate it was true.

      Someone wrote to me and caused me to look further into it and that brought questions to mind. You'd think that if it was something said 40 years ago, it would have been mentioned at some point before this month. Rabbi Kaduri had a website which still exists and I searched it and I searched in Hebrew for any reference to his prediction, but did not find any reference to it anywhere. All I was left with is the recorded interview on sod1820 with a rabbi I do not know who said it was so. I decided that was not enough to publicize it the way I did, so I took it down.

      I feel like I need to be more careful about passing things like this along. Unless there is a recording of Rabbi Kaduri saying it himself, I don't feel like taking some unknown's word for it, especially without even a second person verifying it as well.

      It seems to come down to one person's word. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me.

      This story could be true, but the evidence I have to hand is not enough to make me feel comfortable posting it here. It was already well publicized anyway. And I see enough "unprecedented" events before my own eyes to convince me of the nearness of Mashiach's rule without stories which I can't verify.

  3. Amen to this short article! Shabbat Shalom!